Neighborhood Project – October 19, 2009

Here are this morning’s photos of the project. The right side has been filled in with dirt and is ready to have the flooring rebar laid in preparation for the concrete to be poured.

In the next photo, the left side shows dirt that is being placed and will be tamped down as you saw in the last photo.

After leaving the project, I continued on my walk to a local vegetable stand where I hope to buy some bananas, but they were out. I bought platanos instead. On my way back home I took the following photo.

Most houses have a raised or enclosed area to place trash and twice a week the trash truck comes through the neighborhood and picks it up.

It is raised or enclosed because there are a lot of free roaming neighborhood dogs that will get into the garbage and spread it everywhere if they can get to it.

The house above, didn’t have a raised container, so they are using what they have – trees. The bags on the ground are grass and not garbage. All photos today were taken with my cell phone.

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