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Yesterday I had the opportunity of taking a tour through the new Hotel Cuidad de David. I had received an email from Jessica Real, the manager of sales and marketing, about the hotel’s opening on November 19, 2009. I sent her an email and she said to come by and she would show me around. Google Map to Hotel.

Let me tell you that hotel elegance has been redefined in David. This hotel can compete with any hotel and towers above all other hotels in David. Before we start on the tour, let me tell you about the parking. Secure parking and ample parking always seems to be a problem in Panama. This hotel’s parking is great. The ground floor of the hotel is the lobby and restaurant and the next two floors are for parking.

When you leave your car and enter the elevator and are not a guest of the hotel, the only floors you can go to are the lobby and other parking floors. A card is required to access all other floors.

Lets start in the lobby. Everyone I spoke to spoke very good English as well as Spanish. Just what you would expect at a premium hotel.

This is the other side of the lobby and the restaurant is through the door seen on the right.

Let’s have a look in the restaurant. Here is the bar area.

As you can tell, it is set up to take the largest of parties.

I looked at the current menu plan on visiting it after it opens.

Next we are going to visit one of the hotel rooms you might want to enjoy.

To get to this floor requires your door card in the elevator. The same card unlocks the room door. After you enter the room, put the card into another slot and the lights come on. You can’t leave the room and leave your lights on. Another feature of the better world hotels.

This is a smaller room. This one has a queen bed. If I remember correctly, you can also get the same room with two regular sized beds. The door in the photo connects to the next room, in case you need adjoining rooms.

Here is a photo of the dresser with a good sized flat screen TV.

There is a hidden refrigerator and a safe which will accommodate a laptop PC. Each room has a ethernet connection for your laptop and a cable is also provided. Other areas in the hotel have a secure WIFI connection.

Here is a photo of the view out of this particular room.

The bathroom was very nice. Even a phone by the commode.

As we go to the next room, have a look at how wide the halls are. I will mention that all floors are with AC, which I don’t think you will find in any other hotel in David.

While we are walking, lets look down on the swimming pool.

Now for the suite fit for a king, and this is called a Jr. Suite.

The current prices, as of this post, are:

  • US$ 125 for Executive room
  • US$ 175 for Jr. Suite
  • US$ 325 for Master Suite.

These prices include free breakfast, and Internet. Jubilado discounts apply to the rack rate.

Next we went down to the swimming pool. If you look at the photo at the first of this post, the pool is just above the red front that says Ciudad de David.

Here is a photo of the pool.

Behind the glass to the left of the photo is one of the meeting rooms, which can look out onto the pool. I didn’t take a photo of the meeting rooms, but they were large and could be expanded for the size needed by combining multiple rooms.

We then went to the exercise room. It is equipped with very nice equipment. You will have no excuse for becoming unfit. This room also has a massage room and a We then went to the exercise room. It is equipped with very nice equipment. You will have no excuse for becoming unfit. This room also has a massage room and a sauna.

In summary here is what this hotel has to offer:

103 comfortable rooms and suites
Restaurant – Bar
4 Meeting rooms
Business Center
Gym & Spa
Swimming pool
Room Service 24 hrs
Laundry service
100 parking spaces
Internet & Wifi

I was very impressed. This sets a whole new standard in quality. As I said earlier, the opening of this hotel is scheduled to be November 19, 2009. If you stop into Hotel Ciudad de David, tell them you learned about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

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UPDATED August 25, 2011: A driving video to Hotel Ciudad de David follows:

16 thoughts on “Hotel Ciudad de David

  1. Don Ray:
    We are not in Kansas anymore… I remember when the Hotel Nacional was the best in David. Not anymore. Prices are out of the range for many, but if David wanted to attract big tourism this is what needed to happened. By the way, where is the hotel located?

  2. Don Ray:
    You won’t believe this, but I figured the location of the Hotel form the picture you posted looking out of the window. That street the red truck is about to cross takes you to the “Policlinica” (to the left about one block), right? Oteima used to be a School (Nuestra Senora) many years ago.
    Am I right?

  3. I will be in David in about 2 weeks and would like to try the restaurant at the Ciudad de David but have not idea where it is. Being “across from Oteima” is not very helpful to someone in Colorado who is not familiar with David. I plan to be staying at the Iris Hotel.

  4. I am sure that the people in Hotel Iris know where Oteima and Hotel Ciudad de David are. I am quite sure they speak English as well. Good luck.

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