Searching for Peace Corps Member in Chiriquí

From La Prensa:

Efectúan búsqueda de miembro del Cuerpo de Paz en Chiriquí

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9:02 a.m. – La ciudadana estadounidense Jennifer Vilk, de 37 años de edad, y quien pertenece al Cuerpo de Paz, se encuentra desaparecida desde la noche de ayer en el Parque Nacional Volcán Barú, en Chiriquí.

El director del Sistema Nacional de Protección Civil, Arturo Alvarado, detalló que la búsqueda de Vilk se inició anoche con personal especializado en búsqueda y rescate de la entidad.

Se dio a conocer que el bloque de búsqueda se reactivó a tempranas horas de hoy viernes con funcionarios y voluntarios divididos en tres grupos.

También las autoridades harán un sobrevuelo con el helicóptero del SINAPROC HP-1418 para tratar de visualizar a la ciudadana extranjera, informó un boletín de la entidad.

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Search for a Peace Corps member in Chiriquí


9:02 a.m. – The U.S. citizen Jennifer Vilka, 37 years old, and who belongs to the Peace Corps, has been missing since last night in the Volcan Baru National Park in Chiriqui.

The director of the National Civil Protection System, Arturo Alvarado explained that the search began last night Vilka specialized personnel in search and rescue of the entity.

It was announced that the search block was reactivated in the early hours of Friday with officials and volunteers divided into three groups.

Also the authorities will do a flyby with SINAPROC helicopter HP-1418 to try to visualize the foreign citizen, a bulletin of the entity.

Thanks to AS for pointing out this important news.

UPDATE: Oct. 3, 2009. — I understand that the lady has been found and is OK.

9 thoughts on “Searching for Peace Corps Member in Chiriquí

  1. You´re welcome! From experience, I´d advice volunteers to make donations in cash to buy gasoline for helicopters or food for the SINAPROC rescuers.

  2. Good afternoon Don,
    Is there any new information about this lady? I do hope they find her safe.


  3. Yes, Mirethy and Don Ray,

    She was found alive and is admitted to a private clinic in David. Roger Guerra gave the breaking news on Radio Chiriqui 2 hours ago. You may check ( ultima hora). I couldn´t comment this before ´cause I was doing errands and just came back. Don´t you think, it would be a good idea that those who go the volcano take along a GPS?

    Best regards,

  4. Thank A.S. and Don very much. I know the area and my prayers were with her and her family. Thanks to those participating who found her.
    Have a nice sunday.

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