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Yesterday evening we finally got to try out the new Mexican food restaurant that has open up just past the KFC on the Inter American highway. It is called Mrs. Mendoza’s and apparently there are several in Panama, but this is the first in Chiriquí.

From the photo above, you can tell that this looks like a new construction and has a very nice outdoor seating area. Everything is new and fresh and attractive.

As you enter on your right is a margarita bar with a frozen margarita machine. More about the margaritas later.

All of the decorations have a real Mexican flare.

This view shows the salsa bar where you can get the type of salsa that fits your mood.

The menu has a lot of options. I didn’t take photos, because it is printed on very glossy material and I thought my flash would prevent a good picture. There were breakfasts, tacos, burritos, steaks, etc. There should be something there that you would like, if you are into Mexican food like I am.

I asked about their margaritas. They are $5.50, but on Monday through Thursdays all drinks are 2 for 1, including beer. That being the case, I ordered a margarita for the two of us.

It was a good frozen margarita. Had I had two, I would have had to have called a taxi to get home. I really enjoyed it. Can you tell? Olé!

Lilliam ordered quesadillas. She liked them. I didn’t try them, but I take her word that they were good.

I ordered a fajita burrito with the extra cheese and salsa on top. I think the price was $5.99 with $2.00 for the topping. I thought it was extremely good. I was full after I cleaned my plate.

The waitresses were charming and made me feel like they enjoyed their job. I enjoy seeing people with smiles on their faces and the food, the service and the margaritas put a smile on mine.

Remember, if you plan on drinking several of the margaritas to have a designated driver.

Personally, I enjoyed the restaurant. I plan on going back and trying some of the other offerings on the menu. If you stop in, tell them that you heard about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

25 thoughts on “Mrs Mendoza’s

  1. Hey Don, I plan to try it after I get back home from England. My wife and I truly love good Mexican food. The wife is somewhat of an expert in the taste catagory. Me? after 2 margarita’s everything taste’s good.

  2. don,
    glad you enjoyed the place…their locations in panama city suck…sorry but their food just sucks down here…

  3. Hi Don. Let me know what you think after you go there. You are right. After 2 margaritas, everything is fine with the world.

    Hi Bob. I guess it is all what you like. I enjoyed what I had last night. I will try more another day. It is not TexMex like I had in Dallas, but I still liked it.

    Thanks to Don and Bob for leaving comments.

  4. hahahaha! I don´t drink´. I meant “Órale”, an interjection used by Mexicans for surprise or other connotations. ( You might check wikipedia). “Olé”, as far as I know, is used in Spain when a bullfighting gets to exciting moments.

  5. thanking u for all your comments for my restautanwhich is yous and for all your friends when you will come again you could enjoy our mariachis once again thanks for your comments and remember that this is your home asll my regards sasndro

  6. Hi Don Ray
    Totally love the photo with the sombrero and margarita!
    Life is good in Panama right????
    Cheers to you.

  7. I too liked the sombrero! My family had a mexican restaurant in the states for years. This place was very dissapointing. I’ve yet to find a good mexican restaurant here but will keep on trying. Thanks for your blog for restaurants. I’ll try some of the others you recommended.

  8. Hi Mario. The only thing I was disappointed in was the tacos and that was because I thought mine was mostly lettuce and little meat. I have liked everything I have tried. I doubt I will ever be totally satisfied because I am a TexMex fan from Dallas and you don’t get what I like outside of Texas.

  9. I have moved to Chiriqui, Potrerillos to be specific, and yesterday made the horrid mistake of dropping in at Mrs. Mendoza’s. When Don Ray first mentioned that this restaurant had opened I wrote that I’d had tried their location on Via Argentina in Panama City and found it to be the worst excuse for Mexican food I’d ever had. Taco Bell puts it to shame. I had tried their tacos and they were made with small bits of chopped shoe leather that a week soaking an a lime solution wouldn’t have softened.

    Well, yesterday afternoon, starving, I decided I’d give the place here in David a whack. Probably I’d just caught the Panama City crew on an off day so I’d give Mrs. Mendoza’s place another chance.

    As Don reported, the place is clean and attractive as was the young waitress. I ordered a burrito with chicken as my meat choice. Since there was only one couple at another table it wasn’t busy and my order came promptly. I knew I was in trouble the minute I tried cutting into the thing. The flour tortilla could be likened to a sheet of parchment paper dug out of some musty, medieval monastery. And I’m NOT trying to be funny here, but the very first bite actually made me gag. I couldn’t even swallow it. To be absolutely, honestly garbage before it hit the plate.

    The manager was a nice guy and asked me to make another choice from the menu but I declined, offering to pay for the Coke which he declined.

    Mrs. Mendoza’s Tex Mex is NEITHER Tex nor Mex. I would not even recommend this place to someone I despised.

  10. Hi Richard. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Thanks also for taking the time to talk to management.

    I have never had the experience you have had. You are correct that it is not TexMex, but I have not found a close resemblance to good TexMex outside of Texas.

    I continue to go back to Mendoza’s when the mood hits me and to date I have not had food I considered bad, nor have the people that I have taken with me.

    If you are in David some Friday evening, you may want to try It is not TexMex either, but the Tortilla soup is as good as I have had and it is authentic Mexican (not TexMex).

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