Want to Provide Some Muscle?

My friend Tom McCormack is coming down from the US later this month. He has two 40 foot containers that will arrive sometime in November. Tom and the McCormack Foundation donate a lot of equipment to needy people and organizations in Panama. His last containers helped Panamanian flood victims.

Tom had sent me an email and said that some of the gringos in David had offered to assist with unloading his next containers. I said if he would send me a little description of his container contents, I would post it and maybe we could get some joint effort from both gringos and Panamanians.

Here was his email related to the current shipment.

Hi Don,

In the 2 containers there will be 50 plus wheelchairs, 250-300 walkers, 150 pair of crutches, 4 footed canes (bastones)

Equipment to open a new health center in Porton. 5 ambulance gernies. 4 transport gernies for use inside a hospital.

70 bicycles (many to be used to build more of the tri-cycles, Robinson Foundation, David.

Waiting room chairs,desks filing cabinets . Orthopedic beds. Regular nursing home beds (non-elec.) potty chairs, shower chairs, lots of boxes of hospital supplies, clothes, adults and children, shoes, thousands of glasses (lentes). 22 school desks and chairs. (1st grade size) 30 IV poles and more.

That should give you some idea. I would like to see a joint effort for unloading. The arrival date in David is known only to God. As soon as I know when the trucks are to go to Colon to retrieve them I can notify you.

The Gov. Dr.Kiki Fernandez is to provide the bodega.

Thanks, Tom

This is sort of an advanced warning of Tom’s pending need for help. When the dates are known, I will post more. Until then, take plenty of vitamins and get those muscles in shape to have some fun. If you want to participate and send me an email, I will send an email when things have firmed up.

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  1. Hi Don. I have already offered our help to Tom anytime, anywhere providing we are back from our trip to Malta. We get back on October 8th and I have been in touch with Tom.

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