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Do You Like Ice Cream?

I really like ice cream, but I always know that I am going to have to pay for it with both money and an enlarged waist size. Well, a new flavor of ice cream has just emerged from the US House Of Representatives in the form of a new health care bill that will not increase taxes or enlarge the deficit according to it proponents.

You don’t see the correlation between ice cream and the new health care bill. You will with the following story I received today. Enjoy! Continue reading Do You Like Ice Cream?

Panama Calendar

Here is a recent notice I received. I have had many people tell me they like these calandars, so I am posting the following notice.

The Panama Calendar is more than a calendar.  It is an informative, cultural and educational source.

El Calendario Panama es mas que un calendario.  Es una fuente informativa, cultural y educacional.

The Panama Calendar 2010 is now available.

To order contact: telephone (507) 314-0398 or visit our Web site at:

El Calendario Panamá 2010 ya salió a .a venta.

Para pedidos: teléfono (507) 314-0398 ó visite nuestra página Web:

The cost is six dollars each ($6) in Panama and eight dollars each ($8) for orders from overseas. To view more photographs of the Panama Calendar 2010, please visit our Web site: Continue reading Panama Calendar


Beginning January 1, 2010, the departure tax at Tocumen International Airport will double. Currently at $20, all those departing Tocumen will have to pay $40. Legal residents of Panama 55 yrs old or older and those with “jubilado” or “pensionado” status are entitled to a 50% discount. This new law was published in the Official Gazette on l9 October.