Santa Rita Revisited

Yesterday, I had a friend that wanted to look at some land in the Santa Rita area near Bucheron. We drove up in the morning to the same location in the post “To Paradise and Back”.

While I did take a few photos, I became the subject in a few photos that my friend took. The first photo shows me ready to go for a hike. Like always, my camera is on my hip.

The next photo shows us on the hike. There is nothing like a morning walk in nature to make you appreciate Panama.

If you remember my talking about riding in the back of the pickup, in the previous post, the following photo shows the bars on the back of the pickup that holds in the sugar cane on a full load.

You can see if I were standing up straight, the top bars would be about nose level. Many of the Panamanians have their heads below the danger zone. Mine is at the right height to get a good thump if I am not careful. We drove down to the new bridge construction and the training I had on the previous drive prevented any new bumps on my hard head.

We stopped at the river and I took a couple more photos of the river area. Amazing how much easier it is to take photos when your hands are not gripping steel bars. Here is a side view of the bridge.

This is a photo of the current crossing location.

Here is another view of the bridge.

On this trip, I asked when the bridge was expected to be completed. The date I was told was by the end of the year. January might be a good time to have another look.

We only spent a few hours on this trip. I returned with no bumps, bruises or sunburn. I call that a successful trip.

4 thoughts on “Santa Rita Revisited

  1. Hola vaya Don se que este viaje estuvo agradable y divertido pero te garantizo que disfrutaste los hematomas porq nos hemos reido mucho de esa experiencia y te ves muy bien de modelo , saludes a Natalia,Lilliam y para usted que DIOS los tenga bien ….jajaja te tenemos otra GRAN AVENTURA ….. aver cuando …chao Vicky

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