Conversational English

This morning I was able to assist Dario in another of his English classes. I always have a great time when I do that. Dario likes for his students to have access to other English speakers that have different accents.

I ran out of time today and didn’t take any photos. Today, I got to visit with two young ladies. One from Brazil, who is a nurse now living with her Panamanian husband in David and one, that is a native of David, who is a lawyer. I had met the lady from Brazil in a previous session with Dario.

For an hour and a half we talked about many things. I learned a little more Spanish and hopefully, they learned a little more English.

If you are not getting to know Panama from the locals that speak Spanish, then I say that you are not really getting to know Panama. I am always amazed when I leave at some new thing that I learned. Still the best thing about the classes, is that I feel I walk away having met new friends.

Dario mentioned that he has another evening class in Universidad Latina that he wants me to help him with in the near future. I will try to take photos hat evening.

6 thoughts on “Conversational English

  1. Don Ray:
    Did you learn anything in portuguese from the brazilian student?
    Thanks for helping Dario with the students. Is a world of difference when you speak to someone like you, who’s primary language is English.

  2. did mention before that I would be willing to help with this sort of thing but never heard anything from Dario.
    I am from th UK so that would be a different accent for them, please pass on the message

  3. Did you write Dario or was I supposed to do something. If I was supposed to do something, I dropped the ball. I will forward your comment to Dario. Thanks.

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