Los Naranjos Revisited

For Sunday’s outing, we decided to try out the new Los Naranjos restaurant in Hotel Los Rivera. The menu can be seen HERE.

We were off to a late start on Sunday and didn’t arrive until 1:45 PM. There were still two tables that had people eating and two waiters there to take orders.

I had heard that the chef at the restaurant was good and I searched the menu to see something that I hadn’t had in a while. I wound up ordering Camarones Apanada (Fried Shrimp). I love fried shrimp and haven’t had any in some time. I hoped I would not be disappointed.

When the plate came out, I was pleasantly surprised. The shrimp were cooked just the right amount of time and they were very large. I am sure I had over 10 shrimp on my plate. I could not have been happier with my selection. Comparing the price and the amount of shrimp I got, this was a real bargain.

It had ordered french fries from several choices of potatoes and I liked the fresh vegetables.

Another ordered tilapia with herb seasoning.

It was ordered with mashed potatoes and also came with the cooked vegetables. It was described as very good and the buttery herb coating was said to be very favorable.

The last order at the table was camarones en montequilla ( shrimp cooked in butter).

I got to try one of these and it was excellent. The garlic butter flavor was perfect. As you can see this plate was ordered with patacones.

Three meals and all very well done. I can say that I was very satisfied with my meal and I will definitely return. Having this restaurant associated with the hotel definitely will make the hotel guests happy.

While I was waiting for the meal to come, I saw this unwanted guest strolling past the entrance.

When he noticed that this was a restaurant, he scurried off quickly to avoid showing up on the menu. An Iguana always reminds me that I am in a tropical location.

Here are the restaurant staff that will be there to take your orders and serve you. As you can see this restaurant has a very professional atmosphere. I enjoyed it very much.

If you stop into Los Naranjos, tell them you read about them on Chiriquí. You will find it down the street from Romeros in Dolegita on the right side of what is becoming the new hotel street, containing the following hotels. (Los Rivera, Iberia and Iberia Sur)

11 thoughts on “Los Naranjos Revisited

  1. Hello Don Ray: Thanks for your post and congrats to the owners and personnel! I like the name Los Naranjos (Boquete), the area where some of them are from. Have a nice day!

  2. Ya know, I just made a kind of incidental comment out the side of my mouth and my sidekick, Ellen, responded, “He walks a lot!”

  3. Don Ray,
    First off, we love you and your blog! It is a privilege to walk with you as you discover Chiriqui and perhaps yourself a bit – we’re here 3 years and been reading you for 4. You have afforded us literally 100’s of great meals by your recommendations and we are so grateful (and full!). We’ve even run into you a few times at some of those fine restaurants. But I digress – we went to the new restaurant at Hotel Los Rivera the other Monday to have some of those fine looking shrimp and fries you photographed but they were closed. Tried again today and have to let you know things sure changed in a hurry. We both ordered the fried shrimp after being assured by the waiter they were muy bueno. What came out was nonedible – prepackaged frozen tiny shrimp. Nancy says Yucky! Told the waiter it was bad, paid and left. FYI only – keep up the great posts.
    Joe and Nancy, still in Dolega

  4. Hi Joe and Nancy. I am sorry you had a different experience than I did. That is the reason I always try to review the restaurants multiple times. I am especially saddened by the fact that it was the shrimp that was bad, because I was going to try something new and now I will be forced to try the shrimp again.

    Your and other readers comments are very valuable because things change. Sometimes management is wanting to cut corners and they start buying lessor quality. Sometimes the chef leaves and the new one isn’t as good. My experience in the restaurant would have made me think this hotel might be one of the better buys in David.

    That makes me wonder what happened. I will forward your comment to the Hotem Management. I am certain they will look into the problem.

  5. Hello everyone. We really appreccaite all your good comments about the hotel and the restaurant. We aopolgize if by the language or any other aspect we could not satisfy the way you people deserve. Please come and try again, and you will see the difference. We are so sorry about any inconvenience.
    We are here to accept any suggestion and to correct things in a way to make things better for you.

    Clara Rivera
    Manager of Hotel Los Rivera

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