Panderia El Mana

A couple of days ago as I was leaving the Gringos of David get together, I remembered a panderia that Vicky of Restaurante Mana had told me about. She told me they had the best rolls and bread in David.

Here is a photo of the store front.

I bought orejas and almost every roll and bread they made.

So far, I would have to agree with Vicky. It is the best bread I have found in David. I especially like some little rolls that are Colombian and almost melt in your mouth.

Here are a couple photos of the bread case.

If you didn’t know where this little bakery was, you would never find it. Now that I know it is easy to find.

Here are some simple instructions. It is on the Calle Rapida street one block before it becomes one way. If you are at Parque Cervantes go past Romeros and turn right at the corner behind Romeros. Now go four blocks and turn right. It will be on the left side of the street and you will see it as you turn the corner.

If you stop in, tell then you learned about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

10 thoughts on “Panderia El Mana

  1. Que bien Don que te gusto el pan de mana es uno de los mejores que hemos encontrado en David hasta ahora ….disfrutemoslo con un buen cafe Gotta de Boquete ….informacion del cafe Gotta en restaurante mana

  2. Hola Vicky. Gracias por tomarse el tiempo para dejar un comentario. Quiero hacer un poco de canela rollos la próxima vez.

    I haven’t tried Gotta coffee. I will try it.

  3. Hey Don,
    Cinnamon rolls sound great specially with a cup of coffee from Rancho Gotta in Jaramillo, Boquete. This could be another fun trip!
    The owners came to Maná and left us with a bag of coffee which we tested right there and it was GREAT! it has a hint of chocolate aroma and taste. Come on down and we will enjoy a cup together!
    See ya,

  4. esta panaderia es de mi tio un colombiano caleño emprendedor me alegra les guste la calidad del pan netamente colombiano

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