Restaurante Maná Revisited

I have returned several times to Restaurante Maná. This time, Jorge had a new menu and it follows. It may be easier to read on their website as well. I hope they are the same.

I always remember to ask Vicky if she has any special. On this day she had received some flander and was stuffing it with shrimp. That is what I ordered.

Another had the shrimp fried rice. I tried it and will have it one day.

As with many of the restaurants I go to, one of the benefits is getting to know the owners. Jorge (who speaks excellent English) and Vicky are two very nice people. I have never seen Vicky that she didn’t have a big smile on her face.

If you want some good and reasonably priced food, You can find directions on the previous post. Tell Vicky and Jorge I sent you.

8 thoughts on “Restaurante Maná Revisited

  1. No Sancocho now… too bad.. Not enough restaurants have it now.
    Don, is the Shrimp Fried Rice the same as the rice with shrimp, as I didn’t see it on the menu.

  2. Sancocho some days, other days other soups. I have had several and they were all good. I consider the menu as a guideline. This is a small restaurant and a lot of times it depends on what has looked good in the markets. I have yet to have a bad meal there and I have had several.

  3. I love the food there and it’s so reasonably priced. My husband especially liked the fried snapper. YUMMY. I ate the Shrimp Fried Rice. It rocked. I definitely recommend it. Cheers from Boquete…

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