Daily Archives: August 29, 2009

Car Service

You may be wondering how my car service went. Well, I guess it went fair. There are definitely things that could have been done differently and I would have been more satisfied.

I was almost due for my 80,000 KM service on MY Daihatsu Terios. I bought it new and have religiously taken it to the dealer for service. My Terios gets service every 10,000 KM. It has always been reasonably priced in my opinion.

Even though I was about 500 KM early, I decided to take it is because I have been having a strange problem with the starter. Sometimes it startes fine and sometimes it doesn’t want to turn over. It acts different than a problem with a bad battery.

I went in earlier this week to set an appointment. I told them I wanted to have the 80,000 service, but I especially wanted them to identify what my starter problem was. They set the appointment knowing that I wanted both done. Continue reading Car Service

What Was Your Experience

I received the following email.

From……: donna

Has anyone out there gone through the residency process?
What were the requirements? How long did it take? Who was your lawyer?
We have been strung along for almost 9 months and are in need of help from people who understand what it takes and how to do it.
Please respond.

This is what I responded. Continue reading What Was Your Experience

Internet While You Wait

I am waiting at Ricardo Perez to pick up my Terios which has been getting serviced. Surprise! The waiting room has three terminals set up to access the Internet.

Since my last service, 10,000 KM ago, it seems the service department has enlarged and improved. The waiting room has a coffee bar, TV and Internet.

Currently, I am waiting for the car to get through the car wash. Thought I would make a post while I was waiting.