Always Be Vigilant

I know the Healthcare issue has created a large amount of debate. Sometimes we need to be careful because there are other dangers that may be even ominous that are creeping up on us and we are completely oblivious to them.

The past President Bush, maybe not the most revered President the US has seen, was ever mindful of the threats to the US. He tried to warn on one upcoming problem and it has fallen on deft ears.

I will point you to one news briefing in particular.

6 thoughts on “Always Be Vigilant

  1. OMGosh, Don Ray! That shot of Dick Cheney at the end while describing what zombies look like just did me IN! haha

    Note to self, DO NOT DRINK WHILE READING CHATTER! Now I have to go hose of my monitor! haha

    jim and nena
    fort worth

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