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This afternoon, I was at PriceSmart and I ran into a friend of mine, Agnes McKittrick and she was telling everyone that entered PriceSmart about how they could help some very deserving people.

Many of my readers, like me, have been fortunate enough to come to Panama in the Autumn of our lives. We have had opportunities and joys that, for many of these children, are currently only a dream.

This organization of volunteers is doing a great job in supporting these children, and I encourage you to pay attention to them when they ask you for your support.

Here is the email I received.

Hi Don Ray,

Here’s a little information about the people working in aid of the children with leukemia in the country of Panama.

In past years the children from Chiriquí and Bocas had to go to Panama City for treatment. In recent years treatment for this disease has been available here in David and it has always been a dream to have a house where children undergoing treatment could live between treatments, for example; a child might receive chemotherapy on a Monday and not have another round of chemo until the following week. These children generally just stayed on in the hospital since it was too far to return home,( most come from the Comarca or Bocos)

Many of them are there months at a time. Now we have a rented house here in David where they can go during these respites. It will also facilitate the families who take care of them. The house is rented but not furnished, so we have spent all day today (Aug 28th) and will do so again tomorrow (Aug. 29th) asking for contributions, either in the way of merchandise available at the tables or in cash.

These collection tables with our volunteers are at the following locations; Shopping Center, DO IT Center, Novey, Super Baru – Inter American Highway, Romero, Super 99, Price Smart, Punto Poderoso Calle 4.

This activity is called “CASATHON“.

Many thanks to all for your contributions to this very worthwhile cause, it will make life much more comfortable for these children.

Agnes McKittrick

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