Mosto Revisited

Yesterday evening we decided to return to the new Mosto Restaurant. Here is the menu for this week.

The bottom part of the menu, that is obscured by the flash, says to ask for the pastries of the day.

One in the party was not all that hungry and ordered Oyster mushroom soup. Everyone tried it and it was excellent. Had I known how good it was going to be, I would have had one before my main dish.

Another ordered a beef fillet with a vodka sauce and sauteed potatoes. Again, we all sampled it and it also was excellent. It was ordered medium and came out medium. The sauce was very interesting. It is not apparent in the photo, but the size of the fillet was a very nice size.

I ordered a pasta with chicken. Everyone agreed that it also was excellent. The sauce was extremely good. I hated to see the last drop leave the bowl.

There were two pastries to choose from. One was a fruit crape. I took the second which was called savyon. It was a fruit dessert with ice cream and what I think was a toasted crape. The crape, if that is what it was, was still warm from the pan. Another surprise was that the fruit had also been heated, which made an interesting contrast with the cold ice cream. It was really quite yummy.

The meal scored high marks with all that were in the party. Based on tonight’s meal, I would say that David is fortunate to have this restaurant. Our waitress was charming, the food was great and our tummies were very contented. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Mosto Bistro is located in Plaza Real, one block down the street from Oteima. If you go to Mosto’s Bistro, tell them you learned about them from Chiriquí Chatter.

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  1. Hi Don: very good to know about this new and excellent option! Do you have their phone number? Thanks.

  2. Don Ray:
    It is incredible the number of food options available now in David. When I was a kid and a teen living in David, the restaurants were mainly Chinese, Italian, and traditional panamanian food places. Most people would eat there as a treat or if working in town and lived too far. Now we have upstyle and downstyle restaurants, italian, peruvina, european, slavadorian, mexiacan, american style, even Bennigan and I believe TGIF, not including the traditional fast food palces (not there when I was growing up in David).
    Do you think this trend is in response to the numbers of americans and europeans moving to David and to Chiriqui to live?

  3. Hi Jaime. There are more than when I moved to Chiriqui in 2003. There is TGIF, but no Bennigans in David.

    TGIF is full most of the time and usually with Panamanians not gringos.

    The restaurants still fight a tough battle to make it in a tight economic market. The best I can do to help is to let people know that they exist.

  4. We have been invited to join some friends at Mostos for dinner. Did you happen to see any vegetarian type dishes?

  5. I talked yesterday with someone at the restaurant to know about their menu for this week and they have hummus with bread as part of the appetizers and a Pasta with Vegetables as part of the main dishes.

  6. Hi Penny. I added the directions that was in the first post I did on this restaurant. I try to keep all posts that are restaurant related connected either by a link or by a comment that points to a previous post.

    I just don’t think about putting the directions on every restaurant post because I usually go to the restaurants multiple times and have multiple posts on the same restaurant. Because of this you may have to search for the post that had the directions. However, since there are multiple posts, you will get to see several different meals for that restaurant.

    The Link section of Chiriqui Chatter has a link to the Chiriqui restaurant directory. The Chiriqui restaurant directory will send you to a post that has directions for a particular restaurant.

    Unfortunately for this restaurant, it pointed to this post which did not have directions, so that was an oversight on my part.

    Thanks for pointing out the deficiency.

  7. Don Ray-
    We had the pleasure of dining at Mosto Bistro on Friday night. Food and service wonderful-Don, you must go back and get a photo of an entre with crisp curly noodles and a fresh flower. It’s a beautiful presentation. My only suggestion would be to turn the AC vents away from the window so the place doesn’t look like a freezer box from the outside. We will definitely go back.

    A suggestion for all restaurant owners: print menues in Spanish and English. It would be so helpful for those of us who are still learning and make the dining experience much less stressful. It would also be a good thing for the waitstaff who are trying to learn English.

    Keep those reviews coming, we really enjoy them.

  8. Wow, that sure looks good. We will definitely check it out. Do you think the place is big enough to hold the gringo meeting? Gotta pick a place for April.

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