Whole Wheat Flour?

Any bread bakers out there? Where is the best place to answer this reader’s question?

From……: Julie

Hi….love your site…Don’t know how to post…looking for whole wheat flour, in David or Boquete. Could you ask your readers? I love to make bread. Semolina flour would be a big plus!!!

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  1. We’re in David, and have found a wholesaler who sells fifty pound sacks of whole wheat. If you post a contact of some kind, I’ll call you. We need a few more people and we’ll split a bag into ten pound batches!

  2. While we are on the subject, does any one have any ideas on flour for a bread making machine? i.e. What works, that may be available here, instead of using special flour?

  3. Julie: In Boquete (and perhaps in David), the Organica store, around the corner from the HSBC bank, has wheat flour and also carries other specialty flours (soy, rice, coconut, etc.).

  4. Actually, bread machines do require a special flour…bread machine flour is a high gluten flour. The flour sold locally does not have enough gluten and the bread will be very dense and small. The Pillsbury flour is all purpose flour, which may have more gluten, but not quite enough. Bread machine recipes call for bread flour…higher gluten.
    Also, Super Baru usually carries Harina Integral (whole wheat flour) in 2 lb bags. Look in the health food/gluten free section near the front, on the lower shelf.

  5. Two other things, my experience has been that when you buy the packages from the states of organic flours, they have not been sealed well and I end up eventually finding it loaded with bugs. Look carefully at the packaging before you buy, and you can buy gluten in the states.

  6. Where in David do you get the whole wheat? I’m looking for the whole wheat berry to make my own flour for home use.

  7. I would think if you go to your local bakery that sells pan integral they would sell you what ever amount you want as long as you promise to not put them out of buisiness. Just a thought.

  8. The wholesaler is Harina David. They are located off Ave 8 Oeste, two blocks behind a hotel that is currently being rennovated. Turn at the north corner of the hotel. Also, Daly’s up in Volcan is now selling whole wheat. Went by the wholesaler last week and he was out of whole wheat, but said he’d have more in a few days….

  9. Super Baru on the InterAmerican sells whole wheat flour.
    Romers in Dolegita sells Spelt Flour

  10. Hi Everyone seems like every one of you are living in David, but i am living in Panama city, do you have any idea if i can split the lbs with you or where can i get it cheap in panama city?


  11. As stated, the posts are old & may no longer be reliable. Can any one tell me where
    the wholesale store in David is located? I’m interested in whole wheat and other flours for our personal baking. My email: GeorgiaPatrice@aol.com

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