Strike One and Strike Three.

Today, we had planned on going to Mosto Bistro for lunch. When I have visited the Mosto Bistro, I had asked them if they were open on Sundays and they said yes and would open at noon. We went there and they were closed at noon. We returned around 2:00 and it was still closed, so I guess I was given bad information. That is strike one.

Last Sunday, we went to Tambu Country for lunch. Normally, I have found the food to be fine. Sunday there was two bad experiences. The first was that Sancocho was ordered. That is a well known Panamanian soup. Tambu’s soup had a clear broth. The vegetables that were included were still tough as if they had not been cooked. It was sent back. That was strike one.

When we had eaten my bill came out to $19.xx I gave the waiter a $20 and a $10 because I wanted change to leave a tip. I waited and waited and no change came. I called the waiter over and asked for my $10 dollars change. He said I gave him $25 and he thought the $5 was a tip.

I am very careful when I give waiters money because some are not honest. There is no question what I gave him. His excuse was flawed also. No one gives a $5.00 tip on a $20 bill. The norm is 10%. Forget strike two. I call that strike three and have removed Tambu Country off my possible restaurants where I will go to eat at.

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  1. The last time (and it was the LAST time) we ate at Tambu Country, they ran my credit card for $72.00 instead of $22.00. Of course I looked at it and told them to fix it. It took 4 people about 15 minutes to get the credit figured out. Apparently they don’t train their people very well.

  2. sorry sr dean for strike one on mosto bistro, we are very happy if you come to visit us again, we gone prepare a delicius sorprise.

  3. Hi Mosto Bistro. I received your email and understand you had a problem on the previous Saturday night. Those things happen and I fully understand and have changed the strike to a ball.

  4. Hi Don: I recently talked to one of the co-owners of Tambu Country and she’s very concernd. She just returned from being more than 3 weeks ill. She informed me that during the last couple of months she has had to fire almost all the waiters due to irregularities such as charging a fixed tip (when it is not obligatory but up to the customer according to the service he/she received), indiscipline, bad service, etc., and now, learning that a customer was given a wrong change!. About the sancocho, she recognized that definitely she can’t compete with firewood cooking at “La Orquidea” which is the traditional way of cooking a sancocho, but it is inexcusable that the veggies were still tough and deeply apologizes for that.

  5. Hi Lilia. I am very pleased to know that management is aware of the problems and that they are taking action. I have always enjoyed going to Tambu Country and will try it again because of management’s interest in correcting problems.

    The restaurant business in Panama is very difficult. Having anf keeping good help is always a problem. And many time the help (waiters) are the ones that are the only interface with the clients.

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I will remove my “strike Three” and give them another chance.

  6. I have also removed Tambu Country from our ‘places to eat’. They categorically refuse to cook our pizza the way we like it–crispy. After several frustrating attempts to make the wait staff understand that we wanted it cooked more, I wrote out, in Spanish with the help of a Panamanian friend to make sure I had it perfect, a very polite request to cook it crispy. It arrived in the usual limp way. When I questioned the waiter he said that the cook wouldn’t cook it any more because it would get ‘black on the top’. Utter nonsense. I am a former chef and I am well acquainted with commercial ovens. I understand that the Panamanians prefer their pizza and their french fries limp, but have had no problem in other restaurants getting ours cooked the way we like them. This was just stubbornness, plain and simple. It is a shame really because there are some good items on the menu and the restaurant is air-conditioned (always a big plus!). When we stopped going (months ago) I thought the waiters were among the best in town. We went often enough for them to know what both of us drank, that we wanted extra oregano and hot pepper flakes, etc. We happily tipped them well. It was the cook who struck out.

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