My Bridge to Nowhere

I just don’t like doing things half way. If I am going to do something, I want to do it as well as I can. I don’t care what it is, I just don’t care for mediocre. So when my neighbor convinced me to try my hand at bridge again, I knew I would eventually need to do a little studying.

Last week I took a trip up to Dolega to the BOOKMARK to see if I could pick up a book on bridge. I had four novels to turn in and the book I found equaled the trade-in price.

Here is the book I walked out with.

It is a pretty healthy book and is close to two inches thick. It is a hardback book and was copyrighted in 1985. I was relieved to see that some of my mental confusion on some of the bide was because some bridge bidding philosophy has changed since I had last played.

I like the way this book is written. It helps you to go through the thought process that makes up some of the bidding. It isn’t just a “with this amount of points, do this” kind of book.

Another thing that caught my eye when I picked up this book was this page.

That is an ink signature. I have no idea if it really was signed by Charles Goren or not, but I will assume it was.

I intend on working my way through this book. I hope my mind can absorb some of what I read. It has a large number of examples and tests, so I am sure it won’t hurt me to do it. I hope that in the last 25 years, the changes have only been slight compared to the changes I see between 1964 and 1985.

Even if there have been some changes, it will still be good mental exercise for me.

I should also mention that the BOOKMARK’s new addition is really coming along. I am sure that many people still don’t know what a valuable resource the BOOKMARK is. Since I have moved to Panama, it has been my primary access to reading material. If you need something to read, drop into the BOOKMARK and tell Hal I sent my regards.

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  1. I am one step behind you…LOL….just came home with a stack of some great paperbacks. Harold is having a sale on a large amount of paperbacks….$.25 (a quarter) each through the month of August. Got a bunch to keep us busy for a while.

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