Daily Archives: August 14, 2009

My Bridge to Nowhere

I just don’t like doing things half way. If I am going to do something, I want to do it as well as I can. I don’t care what it is, I just don’t care for mediocre. So when my neighbor convinced me to try my hand at bridge again, I knew I would eventually need to do a little studying.

Last week I took a trip up to Dolega to the BOOKMARK to see if I could pick up a book on bridge. I had four novels to turn in and the book I found equaled the trade-in price.

Here is the book I walked out with.

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Lunch With Friends

As, I mentioned in yesterday’s post, yesterday was a great day. But first, let me back up a couple of days. Last Tuesday, when I went to the KOTOWA coffee house in David, I bumped into Alvaro González .

Al used to greet me every time I went into AudioFoto. To me, Al was AudioFoto. I first met Al in 2003 when the only AudioFoto was across the street from Parque Cervantes. When Al left AudioFoto, my visits to that store became fewer, because many times I would just go there to talk to Al.

Anyway, on Tuesday, he was at the coffee shop and I saw his smiling face coming to meet me. Al had some good friends that he had grown up with that had moved to the US and he had told me they had called him one time to tell him they had seen him on the Internet. His photo had appeared in this post.

After he told me that, I always asked how his friends were doing in Texas. On Tuesday, I asked again and Al said one of them was visiting Chiriquí and had mentioned that she had thought of calling me. I gave Al my contact information and a couple days later, Venice called me and we set a date to have lunch yesterday. Continue reading Lunch With Friends