Thanks To Viaje Crisol and Grand Tours

You may remember that I only had one blip in a perfect cruise last March. That was because my connection to Colon was missing in action.

After a couple letters to Royal Caribbean and Viaje Crisol’s never ending persuit to gain a refund, I received a check last week from Grand Tours.

I actually thought Grand Tours did a great job on my return from Colon to Panama City and will have no problem using them again. Alls well that ends well. Apology accepted.

2 thoughts on “Thanks To Viaje Crisol and Grand Tours

  1. Don,
    That must have been a very happy ending for you? It’s rare for anyone to willingly refund money and admit they made mistakes.
    Kudos for “Grand Tours”

  2. Hi Bob. I always trust that people/companies will do the right thing. Kudos also to Viaje Crisol for communicating with Grand Tours until the issue was resolved.

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