Things Are “Looking” Up

NOTE: Vision 20/20 is now Opticas Metro and it’s current location can be found in THIS post.

I finally made it into Vision 20/20 to get my prescription filled, now that I have passed Dr. Young’s eye exam and am on vitamin regimentation to slow down the macular degineration.

Dra. Ines said she wanted to check my eyes again to see if there had been any change since my last visit, where she diagnosed the macular degeneration. When she said she was going to see if there had been any change, I wasn’t expecting any, because I thought a change in such a short time would not be good news.

Surprisingly, there had been some change and my main problem eye (the left eye) has shown improvement. Now that makes my weekend!

I ordered my new glasses today and they will be ready in 6 days. I couldn’t be more happy.

As a side note, the new vitamins I am taking are Vitalux Plus by NOVARTIS. They are not cheap, costing $18.30 before the 20% jubilado discount ($14.64 after the discount), for a one month supply. After I got them, I spent some time researching similar vitamins on the Internet to see how the price compared to what was available in the US. After a little research, I decided I could not beat the price or have a better product.

Things are definitely looking up!

9 thoughts on “Things Are “Looking” Up

  1. I have used vitamins and minerals for some time. Swanson is a good source and have a web site you can order from. They also carry many other brands. The cadillac of vitamens is Vitamen Research Corp. and they have an excellent website with lots of information about medical problems answered by a medical Dr. as well as excellent products. They tend to be a little more expensive but are worth it. Good Luck
    Fred Kilclne

  2. Hey Don —
    How did your glasses turn out? How was the cost compared to other opticians in David? I need some new progressive lenses.

  3. The glasses turned out fine. I assume the costs were as good as any in David. I chose this doctor because of her reputation and I have been more than satisfied. Previously I had used Optica Lopez, but when Dra. Sussan left, I didn’t care for the new doctor. I use regular bifocals and asked Dr. Ines about progressive. She said since I was used to standard bifocals, she would recommend staying with them.

    This was an opportunity for her to recommend more expensive glasses and she didn’t. I find her ability and manner to be very much like what I liked with Dra. Sussan. Also Dra. Sussan knows Dra. Ines and she said I was in good hands. That was a good recommendation for me.

    She did an excellent job of recommending the Ophthalmologist.

    I ordered and am picking up a pair of sun glasses later this week.

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