David Gas Prices August 6

I was severely chastised for not reminding everyone to fill up before the price increase. Sometimes, I don’t get the word either. If you hear about the price changing, let me know and I will warn everyone with a post.

Above is the current price of gas. If you compare this to US prices, remember that 91 octane in Panama equals 87 octane in the US and 95 octane in Panama equals 91 octane in the US. Panama uses the European standard of octane rating.

3 thoughts on “David Gas Prices August 6

  1. Don,
    If it makes you feel any better? Nobody here in South Florida reminds us of the weekly increases either. Everyone in this part of the world is responsible for their own actions. The price for low grade regular gas is $2.55 a gallon here.

  2. Don’t get too upset. Figuring out all the conversions rates from pounds to dollars and liters to US gallons, the average price for unleaded in the U.K. works out at $6.47 per U.S gallon.
    To find the price of gas and diesel in the U.S. go to Gasbuddy.com

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