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I received this in an email. It may be worth checking out, if you are a TRICARE participant, which I am not. I know nothing more than what is in the Email. If you have used it, leave a comment with your opinion. Directions to the David location is located HERE.

May 2009

Dear vets and spouses,

We Care Pharmacy, in the city of David, Chiriqui, has opened it’s doors to provide the best service available for your medication needs.

We Care Pharmacy, will provide medications approved by TRICARE Standard Overseas, TRICARE for Life(Medicare Part-B), and your service connected VA disabilities which are listed on your VA letter of disabilities and/or Foreign Medical Program (FMP) letter. To receive medications overseas for your covered VA disabilities, you must be enrolled in the FMP program and have the FMP letter.

If you have not enrolled in the VA FMP program, not to worry, We Care Pharmacy, has a retired/disabled military veteran volunteer that will assist and guide you with the FMP enrollment and answer any questions you may have about the pharmacy’s services available to you and your authorized family members.

Please understand that some medications are not approved by TRICARE.  For these rare instances, We Care Pharmacy, will offer the medication at a very affordable cost.

The staff, at We Care Pharmacy, is prepared and willing to provide the best service and make you feel at home.

Our Staff at We Care Pharmacy is:

Lcda. Sara Lorena Martinez              (Pharmacist)

Ms. Karen Guerra                             (Secretary)

JR                                                    (Military Retiree/Disabled Vet volunteer)

We Care Pharmacy, invites you to visit our WEB Site at http://www.skypharmapty.com so you can be informed of details and requirements that you and your authorized family members must meet to make our service to you expeditious, top quality, and second to none.

At a minimum, We Care Pharmacy, requires the following documents from you (please visit http://www.skypharmapty.com for details):

– Copy of ID Card  (front and back)

– Copy of Medicare ID to verify Part-B

– Copy of VA ID (if disabled and not retired)

– Copy of VA Letter of disabilities and/or FMP Letter of disabilities

– OPTIONAL (Only if you have it)- Copy of most recent TRICARE Explanation of Benefit(EOB)

We invite you to visit We Care Pharmacy, as soon as possible, so we can gather and file the documentation necessary from you and your authorized family members to expedite our services to you.

Our phone numbers are:

Office:              775-7042

Cel:                  6-907-3277

Drop by and give us a visit.

Hope to see you soon. Regards from the staff at We Care Pharmacy.

WE CARE at We Care Pharmacy in David, Chiriqui.


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  1. I am a spouse of a retired army person. My ID has expired. Does anybody know how I can get it renewed. I called PC and they told me it involves a trip there and then it takes 3 months. Is there an easier/faster way? Thank you. Bonnie

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