Up Close And Personal

Yesterday, Sofia came to visit. Here she is getting to know Koki.

Instant buddies is what you would have to call them. Koki is in hog dog heaven. Sofia thinks this is the best puppy she has ever seen.

4 thoughts on “Up Close And Personal

  1. Isn´t Sofia a doll? So nice to hear that you have those visitors. Even Koki looks happy! Warmest regards, AS

  2. Hi AS. Sofia is having a ball. Koki is having a ball. Koki is getting more exercise than she has ever gotten. She is happy to go to bed a few times a day and get some rest. Sofia is never tired.

  3. Sofia seems much taller. She is growing up. Koki looks like she has grown too. I’m glad you posted the picture. It is a delight to see them both.

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