Tango International Show in Chiriqui

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Tango International Show in Chiriqui

We invite you to be part of this celebration buying your tickets at US$5.00 in CULTURAMA, Cocina Rica, SESEASA and Universidad de Cartago.

A Year in Defense of the Historical Heritage

To commemorate the 1st Anniversary of the Movement for Restoration of Historical Heritage of Chiriqui, present the Argentine Artistic Company San Luis Tango on Thursday, August 6 at 7:30 p.m. in the Auditorium ISAE University located in San Mateo, entering from the South Avenue F (Miguel Angel Brenes) entering by Bobby’s Bar & Grill in front of TESA.

Argentine  Company  Sanluistango is a group that proposes a new style of Tango, keeping the lyrical and melodic line of the Tango in the 40s, they all young Argentines, mostly from the province of San Luis, carried out with this effort and perseverance , receiving a very nice response from the public.

The show presented by the group is distinguished by having live music, allowing interaction with the singers, musicians and an absolute synchrony with cuts and pirouettes of the dancers.

The Movement projects designed to advance the Tourist-Historic Complex of Old David (Barrio El Peligro), especially the restoration of the Museum of Obaldia, Tower of the Cathedral of San Jose David, the rehabilitation of the sidewalk of the Education Rafael Palacio Benitez and the placement of signs with the old names of city streets.

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  1. Hi Charles. The directions Antonio Singh gave are pretty good. TESA is the Skoda dealer and Yamaha dealer. This is before you get to Super99.

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