Paradise Gardens Update

Yesterday, I also stopped by Paradise Gardens in Boquete. This has to be one if the nicest places to visit in all of Panama. I was interested in finding out how it was doing with out its founders.

I am happy to say that it is alive and well, but it still can use a little help from the community. They said they can always use fruits for the animals and the donations barely get them by month to month.

They also said they can use a few more volunteers. If you love animals, stop by and offer your services. Paradise does a wonderful service in rescuing animals and returning them to nature.

I did take a few photos yesterday. The next photo is of an animal that I hadn’t seen there before.

Here are a few pjotos of just a few of the birds you can see.

The ocelots were resting.

See this post for directions on how to get to Paradise Gardens.

You might also enjoy watching this photo album of Paradise Gardens.

16 thoughts on “Paradise Gardens Update

  1. Hey Don,
    I just came back from Chiriqui on Sunday, and I missed visiting all those nice places since I worked most of the time in Potrerillos planning my future summer cottage. I do have to confess you that I hired the guitar teacher to give my nephew some lessons. I met him thanks to you, and I mentioned it to him. Thanks a lot. I am planning to go back to Panama in December. Ciao.

  2. Hi Henry. I am sorry to say that I don’t remember what one of the assistants in PG called it.

    However, now that I did a Google on what a Tayra looks like, I would say that is a pretty good bet.

  3. My heart is heavy regarding the “founders” of Paradise Gardens and what they had to go through……if you look at the pictures, you know their “heart” was in the right place.

  4. Paradise Gardens has a wish list should anyone want to help. When shopping at Pricemart pick up a bag of walnuts, almonds, nuts in the shell, mixed dried fruits or craisins.

    Stop at Mello for canary, finch, lovebird, parrot food or sunflower seeds.
    Fruit such as bananas, papaya, pineapple and mango are needed.

    6 Tamarins need sponsorship @ 10.00 a month. Two of them can be named by the sponsor (got a new grandchild?)

    2 Squirrel monkeys can be sponsored for 21.00 a month.

    Finished your building project? Got extra materials? Talk to Michelle. We thank everyone for any help-big or small.

  5. Thank you for adding the wish list for Paradise Gardens; however, the first line was omitted (Pricemart: bags of walnuts, almonds, nuts in shells, dried fruit and craisins).

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