Restaurante La Casona Mexicana – Boquete

Yesterday, I found myself once more in Boquete. It was around noon and time to eat, and as you know, if it is time to eat, I eat.

When I used to live in Boquete, I would sometimes eat in a small Mexican restaurant that was in an old house close to the park. I had several good meals there, several fair meals and some that weren’t all that good. The consistency was what finally caused me to stop going.

Yesterday had to be at least 5 years since I had eaten in La Casona. It was no longer in an old house. It was now in a new location, and obviously has increased its capability and most likely gets a large amount of customers.

You can’t miss it as you enter town if you are looking at the right side of the road.

Here is a photo of the front of the restaurant.

This is the restaurant as you walk in.

This is another view of the same area.

We chose to sit in this nice area with a lot of visibility to the outside.

We each tried something different.

I ordered a mixed burrito.

I thought my burrito was good. The flavors were what I remembered them to be on a good day.
Another ordered chimichangas.

The person that had the chimichangas was very happy with them. I didn’t try them.

The third order was nachos.

The nachos order was large. I tried some and thought they were fine. There was enough to bring ½ an order home.

I twisted my own arm and ordered a flan.

I personally was disappointed in the flan. I most likely would not order it again. I thought it was a little small and the texture was not consistent from the top to the bottom.

I thought the overall experience was better than it had been in 2003/04.

There was one thing that I didn’t like. Every time I asked the waitress a question (in Spanish), she would look at one of the other people at the table, that she knew understood Spanish, and give them the answer to my question. I know my Spanish is not perfect, but she obviously understood me, because she always answered the question. It happened at least three times and was quite annoying to me.

Considering that this is Boquete, I didn’t think the prices were all that bad. You can judge for yourself. Since this is the first time back in about 5 years, I can’t say if the quality and service are consistent.

Here is a copy of the menu which is pretty large.

3 thoughts on “Restaurante La Casona Mexicana – Boquete

  1. My husband and I live in Los Molinos and when we want Mexican food we always go to La Casona. True-it isn’t like the Mexican food we’re use to in Arizina, but it has been consistently good for the past 2 years and the best we’ve found in the Boquete area.
    BTW-we love Chiriqui Chatter and read it faithfully whether we are here or in the states. Keep up the great job of keeping us all connected!

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