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The graph above is the last six months of Spam received by Chiriquí Chatter.

The amount of Spam, that Chiriquí Chatter receives each day, never ceases to amaze me.

For some reason, it dramatically increased in March. Many days, I may have up to 100 spam comments . I have to look at each comment, to make sure that a valid comment didn’t get miss classified as spam. It doesn’t happen often, but it does sometimes.

Here is a graph of valid comments that were suspected of being Spam. These I have to reclassify to have them appear in the blog.

This is the graph of the same time period (last 6 month) of missed Spam. These are Spam comments that are put in a review folder because the program is not sure if it is Spam or not.

For the same period, this is the graph of valid comments (HAM).

And last this is a graph of SPAM (in pink) vs. HAM (valid comments in blue).

The way that WordPress handles SPAM, is one of the reasons, I think it is the best blogging engine on the Internet. You don’t have to put in those annoying “type in this set of characters” features to keep from having SPAM appear in your comment fields.

Most of the SPAM that Chiriquí Chatter receives, comes from Russia. However, some comes from other bloggers. Bloggers know that a good way to get hits is to leave comments on other blogs.

I have no problem receiving comments from bloggers that are actually reading the article. However, there are a new set of blogs that have search mechanisms that find blog posts on the subject of their blog and then link back to your blog to get more hits.

A good example was the “one liner” I put in a while back on Weight loss. I bet that 15 spam comments came in from weight loss blogs. Obviously the one liner has nothing worth linking to for their blog.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to amuse me. Since I was checking out the graphs this morning, I just decided to show them to you.

4 thoughts on “Comment Spam

  1. Don Ray, do you use gmail? It “reads” your emails and attaches ads accordingly.

    From Russia? Oh Lord, and I thought all those Latin American girls really wanted to meet me.

  2. Hi Tom. I use a couple different emails. some ending with However, I do use gmail also, but I use the POP side and my email client reads and writes them without going to the gmail site.

    All of the Russian spam is illuminated. I am sure all the LA girls are stil after you. 😉

  3. I don’t get ANYWHERE near the number of hits on my sites as you do on yours, Don, but I do get some pretty strange Spam coming in that I just can’t understand. They have absolutely NO CONNECTION with anything on either of my blogs. Then, too, there’s the mystery of why a couple of regular readers who have made comments which were initially manually approve sometimes then go directly into the comments and later have to be manually approved again.

    BTW, Chiriqui Chatter is the second blog of the day I read, right after Joyce’s “Living in Potrerillos.” Omar’s Lingua Franca runs a strong third followed by La Gringa’s Blogicito though I have absolutely NO interest in even VISITING Honduras but I enjoy her insights into the struggles we expats have in dealing with the culture shock of daily life in an adopted country. I don’t think we ever get over culture shock; we just learn how to deal with it comfortably.

  4. Hi Richard. Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to leave a comment. WordPress is not perfect, but it is the best I know of.

    I also enjoy your blogs, La Gringa’s, Omar’s and Joyce’s blogs.

    La Gringa has been very illuminating during this time of trouble in Honduras.

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