Plaza El Terronal Phase II

The second phase of Plaza El Terronal continues and you can tell that when it is finished it is going to be quite a place.

This construction area is in front of Conways.

I asked again about the completion of Conway and was given the date of the end of August.

11 thoughts on “Plaza El Terronal Phase II

  1. Please forgive me, Don, but where is Plaza El Terronal? I should know, having lived in Boquete for over 2 years, but I can’t place it.

  2. Hi Bonnie. That is the development that has El Rey, Arrocha. The second phase is in the back. You can’t miss the building they are doing if you are on the InterAmerican highway going toward Panama. City.

    Ron, Conway should open sooner. That that is in the photo will be in 2010.

  3. Hi John. I am not sire. I think some of it may be for parking. I have also heard a movie theater. I don’t have good information on that. at the moment. Maybe after Conway opens, we will know.

  4. Don: Just a question about sizing of photos-I try to keep up our web site with new products and such and have a hard time getting the picture the correct or uniform size. I use Phote Resize-Picnik and Online Photo Editing but silll have a hard time. I notice all your pictures uniform in size and sharp. Any suggestions? I am not really a computer person. Thanks Walt-Rocky Mount,North Carolina-67 and still working but thinking about retiring to Panama? When I get my money right!!

  5. Hi Walter. For the theme I use in WordPress, I know that a 500 pixel width photo just filles the space, so I use GIMP to size it to that width.

    I looked at your site and personally didn’t see anything wrong with your sizes. However, you can always edit the HTML to have the same number of pixels, it you want every photo to be the same width. However, if you control the width, as I do, then you have to let the length adjust itself to have a correct set of proportions.

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