An Email Worthless for Reading

I received one of those “forward this to all people you know” emails.

Let it be known, I do not participate in these nonsensical games. If you are depending on me to forward it, I will not, Further more, I hate it that people forward these things with all addressee’s emails showing. Do they not know that this is the way spammers get email addresses.

None the less, this one peaked my interest.

Here was the leading paragraph. When I read it, it just didn’t ring true to me.


It does not matter if you personally like or dislike Obama.  You need to sign this petition and flood his e-mail box with e-mails that tell him that, even if the House passes this bill, he needs to veto it.  It is already impossible to live on Social Security alone.  If the government gives benefits to ‘illegal’ aliens who have never contributed, where does that leave those of us who have paid into Social Security all our working lives? ……

I decide to give it the Internet sanity test and Googled it.

As I suspected, it turned out to be false. However, with all the insane things I see Obama doing (his healthcare plan for example), it did make me look.

Here are the first two links provided by Google.

17 thoughts on “An Email Worthless for Reading

  1. Interestingly, we are constantly reading about Social Security. This is very strange since there is no such thing as Social Security. It is Social Security INSURANCE. Failure to mention the proper title for the program serves the purposes of all sides of the the various issues concerning this program. It was neither designed to be an investment program nor a free ride in retirement.

  2. Please don’t mention Social Security again…………………
    When I truthfully told the U.S. S.S. I was getting a government pension from Britain they cut my U.S. benefits in half. I had paid into two countries so I should have been eligible to two full pensions but as the U.S. and Britain have an agreement I screwed up by opening my big mouth and being honest.

  3. I’ve been using snopes for some time. However, I wasn’t familiar with truthorfiction. Thanks 🙂

    Folks that send me this junk end up having their email address marked as a spammer. I’ve let three email accounts die because of spam.

  4. On Yahoo the way to send a group email and not show everyone’s address is to set up an address to “undisclosed (first name) recipients (last name)” with your email address as the receiving address. Then when you send the message send it as a “Bcc”.

    I read somewhere that the email harvesters can not read Bcc addresses.

  5. Hi John. You are correct. BCC is a much better way to send group emails unless they are real emails and you wan people to be able to “Reply All” to all receivers.

  6. I really feel that what is happening in the US, the Soc. Sec. will be non-existent soon. I am so worried. We are now living on minimum here in Panama and depend on the Soc. Sec. we paid into to help supplement. If this healthcare passes, we will not be able to afford our scripts if our private insurance is terminated or Soc. Security. I am 67, my husband is 74 in Sept. and I am scared. I think they are telling us, if you are old — die. I think that the differential to the Medicare in existence for increased deductibles (for people in the US) as we cannot have medicare here — will eliminate the elderly and, our Congress and Reps in the Senate (all) should be in this program as well as what they are negotiating for everyone.

  7. Hi Charlotte. I am very afraid that this is the most ill conceived health care plan yet. Obama will go on TV tonight to push for it’s approval. All people in the US should tune in and then do some Googling on the Internet to find out the facts. After knowing the real facts, you can’t see a problem, then you need to do a little more research.,

    If it gets passed and the members of Congress haven’t read it, as they did with the stimulus package, they should all loose their seats on their next opportunity.

    If the members of Congress had to use the same health care options of the general public, and not the plan they have, they might vote more responsibly.

    It is also too bad that they have such a lucrative retirement benefit package as well. Obama has nothing to worry about. he is fixed for life and has body guards for life to boot.

  8. Don’t worry Charlotte, Social Security Insurance is not going to disappear.

    And Don Ray, I am not bothered by the health care the Congress gets (hey, they are important men; I say that seriously and jokingly). What I wish is that they all would have to do their own tax returns; that would simplify things in a hurry. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t worry about it, because they take the easy way out and they pay someone to do it.

    Just yesterday I was thinking about “body guards for life.” It has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

  9. Tom, I can’t agree with you more on the complicated tax forms. I do my own taxes, and while they are much simpler than they were when I had a real job, they are still too complicated.

  10. To Charlotte: Social Security in the US is in good shape and will be fine for years to come. Don’t waste your energy worrying about that. And why do you think your private insurance would be terminated? It may turn out that your insurance cannot compete against a public plan because the public plan provides better coverage for less cost, but then you could just switch to the public plan. Or to a different private plan that is successfully competing with the public plan. The only people who don’t want a public plan are the insurance companies who have grown rich by continuously increasing premiums and denying coverage whenever possible. Health insurance reform is your friend!

  11. Hi Don Ray,
    I heard this on the web today:
    Recession is when your neighbor loses his job,
    depression is when you lose your job,
    recovery is when Obama loses HIS job.

    Let’s hope that’s soon.

  12. Hi J&N. Time will tell. He is pretty politically astute. When he sees that he is losing and putting his second term in jeopardy, he may reverse some of his thinking. However, I really doubt it. He is still riding the the wave of his rock star image.

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