A Couple of Cuties

While at the Vet’s office, I saw a couple of cuties that are looking to be adopted. They at poodles and will be bigger than a toy or the size of a small miniature.

They are about 1 ½ months old and are ready to go to their new home. They have had their tails cut and their first vaccination.

The asking price is $200.

If interested contact :

Yarissa Caballero

Email – josbat017@gmail.com
Tel # – 730-3329
Cel # 6590-1072

Poodles are great dogs for anyone with allergies and the are also exceptionally smart dogs.

2 thoughts on “A Couple of Cuties

  1. They certainly are cuties, but with so many homeless dogs that are starving, ill and suffering, I would prefer to see those who want a dog go to one of the many sterilization clinics in
    Chriqui and adopt one of them. I can tell you from my experience and from the many experiences I have heard of that these deserving dogs make the most loyal, loving pets.

  2. Hi Joyce. I agree with helping the homeless, but most homeless dogs don’t work well for people that have allergies. You don’t tend to see many Silky terriers or poodles up for adoption.

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