Universidad Velásquez Panamanian Fair

Today you can visit Universidad Velásquez and get a taste of Panamanian culture, good food and see lots of Panamanian crafts. The university is having an open house and fair today and everyone is welcome.

You may remember that I wrote a post on the university, when I had seen the demonstrations in PriceSmart.

I took a tour of the classrooms. I found it interesting that they have one classroom to teach English and one to teach Mandarin. When the students graduate some will plan on working in other countries.

In January, the other training courses mentioned in the prior post will begin.

At noon and at 3:30 PM, they will be serving food prepared on site. There are also crafts and sweets and other foods to try and purchase.

To get to the university, turn off of the InterAmerican highway in front of El Rey and take the road to end. Right before the stop sign, on the right, is the university. Stop in and tell they you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

Here is a photo in front of the university at the entrance.

Here is another photo after entering.

Here is one display table.

Here are some typical Panamanian clothing.

Here are some bowls made out of one of the common Panamanian calabasas.

Here are some native Indian jewelery.

This nice lady was setting up her table of tasty sweets. She was kind enough to give me some samples. VERY GOOD!

Here is another display. The lady in the center is one of the teachers and on both sides are chefs in training.

The young lady on the right came up after the previous photo and I felt she should be included.

Here is one of the trays that has been set up.

This is a photo in the kitchen where the food is being prepared. Notice that all of the chefs are in uniform.

I was early and they were not completely setup. However, I felt it better to be early and post this so you could plan on dropping by today. They should be opening as I write this. Remember, there will be food for eating at 12:00 PM and 3:30 PM.

Drop by and have some fun today.

I went back in the afternoon and there were several more businesses represented. I also got to take the following photo of this attractive couple.

9 thoughts on “Universidad Velásquez Panamanian Fair

  1. Hope the recent shower didn´t interrupt the activity. Once more, thanks for keeping us updated on what happens in David!

  2. I “continued reading” because I was reasonably sure that there’d be photographs of pretty ladies. You never disappoint, Don Ray. 🙂

  3. Don: Great Pics!! How long is the fair running? Anything cultural events coming up in the near future? The Family and I are leaving Calif on Sunday heading up to the Finca in Caldera area for three great weeks. But first have to pick up my Jubilado Card in PC as it finally was approved after 11 months WHEW!! Need the rain its been averaging around 118-121 here in southern cal. Need anything let me know JIM

  4. Hi Jim. It only ran for one day. There is always something going on. I never know much in advance. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Lots of things I need, but few that I can afford. 🙂

  5. Estan hermosas las fotos de la Universidad Velasquez. Yo soy la profesora vestida de morado. Tengo entendido que la proxima feria sera en octubre.


  6. buenas tarde como estan siempre me recuerdo de ustedes.carmen la que vive en changuinola mi numero para cualquiera invitacion es7589542 o66531196 me saluda alfredo marvin corina chao suerte

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