Pizza House Revisited

I have guests visiting from Costa Rica and last night seemed like a Pizza kind of night. One individual wanted air-conditioning (AC), so I remembered that I still hadn’t made it to Pizza House.

I knew it had an indoor eating area, so that had to mean it had AC. Well that was correct thinking. See, here is one of two large AC units.

The only problem, was that , I assume to have a lower electric bill, neither AC unit was running and the windows were open. There was a single oscillating fan running, but it was not capable of doing much in the large area inside the restaurant. You can see the second AC unit in the far end of this photo.

We talked about going to Popeye’s Pizza, but decided we should stay and give the pizza a try. I have had several recommend it.

We ordered the House Special for 6 people. I think everyone had plenty. I think the cost was $10.50. We had a ½ pepperoni and ½ Hawaiian. Normally, Hawaiian has ham, and pineapple. This one also had maraschino cherries.

I have to say that the pizza was pretty good. I would have given it even higher marks if the AC had been running. Still, it is another pizza place to consider, if you want a change. I would still put it a couple notches below Popeye’s Pizza, which remains my favorite pizza in Chiriquí.

Directions to Pizza House are in the previous post. Give it a try. All people’s tastes, in pizza, are different and this one might be what you like.

6 thoughts on “Pizza House Revisited

  1. HI: Since I have a problem with spices, we have stayed with Dominos pizza. We bought Pizza Hut in the US. Pizza was delicious but I have always got indigestion with the spices associated with it but my husband loves spices and hot stuff so, it is just a matter of taste/ It all depends on whether you can handle the spices from any pizza you buy. My stomach says “no pepperoni”. Try to taste test all and see which is the best for you individually.

  2. Better beware of a/c units, fans and drapery wherever you go. Pneumococci and other bugs love them!

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