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Have A Hunger For Thai Food?

I received the following email with a request to post.

Hi Don,

Was wondering if you might post this on Chiriqui Chatter. I realize you don’t want to get inundated with “classified ads”, but this is something we don’t have here and there may be an interest. Pon (my wife), according to the embassy, is one of only a single handful of Thai natives living in Panama, and she is an incredible cook. Our friends have been pushing us to do this for a while.


Bob Wolfe

2007 Kia Picanto For Sale

UPDATED: The car has sold.

I received a request from an individual to post a car for sale.

2007 Kia Picanto
Asking $4,500
Color: Green
Standard transmission
13.4 thousand miles (22.4 kilometers)
spare tire

The car was recently broken into through small rear window, which will need to be replaced, and the radio was stolen. Other than the window and missing radio, the car is in very good condition. The car is very economical. Medical expenses are the reason for the sale.

Contact Faby at 67807885. Must speak Spanish.

Here is a photo of the broken window that was used to break into the car.

A couple more photos of the car. Continue reading 2007 Kia Picanto For Sale

Want to have a hike and enjoy Nature?

I received the following information from Antonio Singh.

Fortuna, one of 15 communities that make up Corregimiento Hornitos, will host another event, celebrating the 161 Anniversary of the Province of Chiriquí. A walk has been organized for Sunday, July 5th in this community of exceptional natural beauty, mountain climate. It is almost unknown by many Chiricanos and Panamanians. We invite you to know a single place, that will make you feel “transported” and “enthralled” in front of an exuberant nature. The unfortunate side is that Fortune has not had the fortune of having electricity for their people despite being generating hydroelectric power and thus are many communities in the district Gualaca “capital of the hydro-power production.”

The hike is about an hour and a half, to reach the community of Fortuna, enjoy the food you have prepared for the occasion, besides the “Contest for the best cup of coffee of Hornitos” which involved producing this item and love community house, with coffee tasters and have prizes for first three places.

Meeting Point: Fortuna Dam
Time: 9:00 a.m.

Logistics: The villagers will provide food for sale. You should wear comfortable walking shoes, coats, capes for rain, insect repellent, sunscreen and a hat or cap, and above all be eager to have fun and spend a pleasant moment.

Vision 20/20 Inauguration

NOTE: Vision 20/20 is now Opticas Metro and it’s current location can be found in THIS POST.

I was fortunate to be invited to the inauguration of Vision 20/20 , which was held yesterday evening. I say I felt fortunate, because the attendees were only friends and family. I was most happy to be included.

The shop had been festively setup with an outstanding set of hors d’oeuvres , and plenty of wine and soda. You will also see a lot of flowers from well wishers.
Continue reading Vision 20/20 Inauguration

Fantastic Choir

A Chiriquí Chatter reader sent me the following video, which I watched several times. Maybe you will enjoy it as much as I did. I put it into full screen mode which made it even more enjoyable,

Here is one of my favorite Spanish songs for the Spanish followers of Chiriquí Chatter.

Some people go bar hopping for entertainment. I think this must be YouTube hopping.

Don’t forget, you have an opportunity to see a great local choir perform on June 30th, right here in David.