Popeye’s Pizza

Pino E Rinzo Pizza is now called Popeye’s Pizza. Same great pizza. Renzo is no longer associated with the restaurant, but Pino was the one that was responsible for the great pizza anyway. The pizza is brick oven fired and I guarantee you will love it.

Popeye’s is closed on Wednesday and open all other days.

Natalie is back and was hungry for pizza, so we went to Pino’s – oops Popeye’s.

We got the Cuatro Estaciones – this is about my favorite.

According to Natalie, this equaled the best pizza she had while she was in Europe. If there is anything a college student really knows, it is good pizza.

Across the street from Super99. Enter to the right of Java Juice.

I picked up a new card, but Koki thought it was pizza and decided to eat it. Guess I will have to get another card.

UPDATE August 23, 2011: I am adding a driving video to help you find Popeye’s Pizza.

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  1. Another very good place is in Bugaba. Coming from David, turn right on via Volcan FIRST pizza joint on your left. On Tuesday & Thursday 2 16″ pizzas with two topping for $12.00. I think you will really like it. Remember, 1st pizza joint on left, NOT the second. Good-luck @enjoy!!

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