Restaurante Maná in David

Restaurante Maná

A couple weeks ago I received the following email.

From……: Jorge Cedeño

Hi there, I am a Chiricano that just got back from Gringolandia in Michigan after 27 years of living there !!! I am looking to connect with a group of Gringos here in Chiriquí. I have but a few older relatives living here. My wife Vicky and I just opened a small restaurant and cafe in David and would love to have a group of people come and visit so we can get acquainted!!!

Please check out our novice web page. Our email address is and the phone number: 774-2506 and cell: 6038-6239. Our blog is
Hope to hear or see you soon,
Jorge and Vicky

Saturday, I had an opportunity to go by Restaurante Maná (Bread from Heaven). Here are the directions to get there. From the Parque de las Madres, go down the street where el Kiosko Baby is. You will pass Java Juice … Keep going down the hill towards the Colegio Felix Olivares about 300 ft. On the left hand side there is a house with a yellow and green concrete fence just before a small bridge. You can’t miss it.

Here is one photo of the dining area.

Here is the menu.

I had the Frontera sandwich. Very tasty. Reminded me of a Cubano.

Another had fish. I am told it was very good. They didn’t share. 😉

Another had costilla (rib) soup. Again, I was told it was good, but I didn’t get to taste it.

The meal was topped off with a Costa Rican dessert made from papaya. This was a first for me, but I liked it.

I enjoyed talking to Jorge and Vicky who own and operate the restaurant. Jorge speaks perfect English and Vicky speaks perfect Spanish.

Vicky is from Costa Rica and knows a lot of people in the area I visit when I go to Costa Rica.

This is a new Panamanian style restaurant. The food is good and reasonably priced. If you visit Jorge and Vicky, tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

22 thoughts on “Restaurante Maná in David

  1. Would love to go there ,but have no Idea where Parque de Madre is ,can you tell me from Panama American highway or Elmec,or Super Baru.Much appreciate ,Also their blog should maybe have a map for us folks from Boquete not that familar with David

  2. Yesterday, we read your review of Restaurante Mana, and since we had to travel from our home in Volcan to David on “business”, we decided to try Mana. It was great! The food was VERY good and made – quickly – from scratch. Kate had a Pollo Caesar sandwich and I had a great bowl of Sancocho and a Pollo con Pera salad.

    It was a hot day (isn’t it always in David?) so we ordered an iced Moca and a fresh Lemonade. Vicky, thoughtfully, brought a fan to our table.
    We enjoyed talking with Jorge and even though we didn’t speak (spanish) with Vicky, she is delightful.

    Thanks for the recommendation. We plan on returning often.

  3. Another route to Restaurante Maná:
    Turn off the Pan American Highway at the back of Super Barú – the side closer to Panamá City.
    At the 5th (I think) intersection there is a stop sign.
    Turn left there and go down the hill.
    The restaurant is on the left side at the bottom of the hill.
    Buen Provecho

  4. Hey Azel! Jay and Jennifer Church saying hi! I was randomly searching and came upon this post. Hope all is well with you. Tennessee is good as always. Keep in touch. Jay.

  5. SR. Don
    Wanted to say thank you .
    I appreciate all the information you take time to do ,and very well done ,dont stop.

  6. If you would give me exact street names so I can pinpoint the location of your restaurant, I will try to post it in the only GPS map in Panamá, called “Street Map of Panamá”. It is for ALL of Panamá, not just the City.
    Next time my wife and I get to David, we will definitely stop in for a lunch. What day(s) are you closed now?
    I found you by reading Don’s recent blog on the making of raspadura.
    Best of luck, and welcome home Jorge.

  7. Hi folks,

    Oh my goodness, how fun! I was born in the Canal Zone & went back to live in Ft. Clayton from 1969 to 1974. Mom still has a farm, now for sale, between Chorrera & Capira. We used to take trips into the interior & I remember really liking David; Chiriqui I don’t recall so well.
    Great memories, though! We used a trapiche on mom’s farm to make molasses that was sold. Plus we had green mamons! You are right…they are wonderful fruit!
    A Panamanian friend of mine at work sent your blog. Thanks for making this “Hooch” smile!

  8. What a great restaurant. We try to eat lunch there when in David. Jorge is great and so is the food! Tasty and reasonable. Thanks for the info.

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