Here’s Looking At You – Almost

Last Friday, I went to see Dra. Inés to replace some lenses that are cracked and I expect to break any day. However, when she checked my eyes, she told me I needed to see a ophthalmologist, because my left eye looked a little strange.

She said I was in luck, because an excellent ophthalmologist visited David twice a month and happened to be here. She got on the phone and called to see if she could get me in. I had an appointment on Sunday at 9:00 AM.

The doctor I saw was Dr. Adriano Young. He has an office in Mae Lewis. He obviously is highly respected and there were many patients there for followup visits following surgery.

He took a look and then added the drops to dilate my eyes. Then I went back to the waiting area to let the drops take effect and got to practice my Spanish with others waiting in the hall.

There are many wonderful people in Chiriquí. It is good to have an opportunity to meet new friends. One of the people I talked to was a professor at UNACHI. He teaches geography and climate and cultures around the world. I told him to take some time and watch the YouTube video called HOME.

Then I had the pleasure of meeting Auntie Sunshine (AS), who is a Chiriquí Chatter reader and commenter. She and I have emailed many times and she has helped me with some English to Spanish translations in the past. I enjoy having Panamanians that stop into Chiriquí Chatter because they help provide the Panamanian viewpoint and keep me honest. Such a nice lady!

Now that the drops had done their work, it was time to let Dr. Young take a good look at my eyes. The right eye is fine and looked healthy. However, my left eye has a problem and is suffering macular degeneration. He had good equipment and showed me the problem on a television. You could definitely see the difference between my left and right eyes. I need to set up another appointment at his office in Panama City to determine whether it is the wet or dry form.

My visit to Dra. Inés was timely and lucky for me she could get me into see a specialist very quickly. I hate to go to PC, but for things like this, I can make myself do it.

Even under the circumstances, I felt like I was very fortunate. I got to meet and get to know several very nice people, and I learned that there is a very good ophthalmologists that visits David twice a month.

If you have the need to see an ophthalmologist, I will put Dr. Young’s card below. As always, if you see him, tell him you heard about him on Chiriquí Chatter.

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  1. Arent´t the three of us nice? How beautiful it was to meet you and Lilliam! My prayers for your sight.

  2. Hi Don Ray:

    Sorry to hear you’ve run into this problem. I imagine you have read all about it by now on the internet. Not too long ago, a young friend of mine had a retinal detachment and he keep getting pointed in the wrong direction until his situation was really bad. Then, things took a turn for the better when he got pointed toward some specialists in Boston, who provided some miraculous treatment that saved his eye. I’ll provide you with their names if your problem accelerates faster than average. Boston is a long way from you, but it has some of the best eye people in the world.

  3. Please let us know which type and if there is anything we can do from this point. You know we have the Dean McGee Eye Institute in OKC which is one of the best in this part of the states. Dad fell and has a black eye and some bangs an bruises but is ok. Prayers for you! Jan

  4. I am going to Panama City next week to get it checked. I will let you know what I find out. Sorry to hear that Horace took a tumble. Tell him to be carefree.

  5. By pricing, I assume you are refering to the exam by Dr. Young. To be honest, I don’t really remember, but I think it was in the order of $35. The exams at Vision 20/20 are free – you only pay for the prescription glasses/contacts.

  6. I know when I have been to the hospital, he had a lot of gringo patients. He has a good reputation for being the best, but when I saw him, I talked to him in Spanish.

  7. Don Ray: Can you answer this question: does he speak English?? I am deaf and have difficulties with other language than English. There is an Optometrist at Lopez Vision that spoke good English and worked with me quite well. I am very pleased with him, but an Ophthalmologist, he ain’t and he tried his best to correct my double vision astigmatism in my left eye and I think contact lens could be my answer…

  8. No he doesn’t, but his associate does speak English.

    I use Dra. Ines as mentioned in the post. She speaks English and can give you the contact info for Dr. Young’s associate who does speak English and I am sure she would help you set up an appointment for you. Just tell her I sent you. You can also email me and I will try to find the associates contact info.

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