Martha’s Mexican Restaurant

My neighborhood is becoming a location for dining out within walking distance from where I live. Friday nights from 6:00 PM until 10 – 10:30, you can have a great time eating Mexican food. The menu is different every Friday. That should keep me coming back for some time.

To get to the restaurant, you turn onto the road in front of the El Rey super market from the InterAmerican highway. Then turn right at the third intersection. On the next corner (on the right) is a very nice house and the patio is where this delightful food is served.

Typical for me, I arrived early. I didn’t want to take a chance on any of the items on the menu might be missing.

The patio makes a peaceful setting to enjoy a good meal. Here is a photo of the area. The lady on the right is Martha, the lady who is sharing her beautiful house and food with you.

Here is a photo of an atrium area that also has a table you may use. The running fountain created soothing sounds to assist you in relaxing.

Here is the menu for last Friday.

This is Mexican food, not to be confused with TexMex. There were four of us at the table, so I was able to get photos of all of the main course as well as the dessert.

There was plenty of items that accompanied the meals. I tried a little of all of it. The guacamole was unique. It had cucumber in it and that was a first for me.

Two of us had the nachos. They are advertised as being for two and I can tell you that both of us were satisfied with the amount we had to eat. I also enjoyed the flavor.

Another had the flautas and said they were very good.

The last person had the pozole. She raved about the flavor.

Of course, I also had to try the brownies and ice cream. What a great way to top off a meal!

There was music playing in the background and it could not have been a more pleasant evening. I assure you I will return to sample more items on another day.

As we ate and talked and visited with other neighbors, you could hear this chattering in the trees that were in the yard. This is the same music that wake up to on many mornings. We watched the trees and it was amazing. It was filled with hundreds of the local green parrots that Panama is famous for. As I watched, you could see the tree shimmer with its inhabitants as others flew to or departed from the tree. I finally decided to take a short video and share it with you.

Remember, Matha shares her hospitality and great food with those that want to come every Friday from 6:00 PM to around 10:30 PM. If you stop by, tell Martha that Chiriquí Chatter informed you about her wonderful food.

25 thoughts on “Martha’s Mexican Restaurant

  1. Congratulations to my mom and her exelent food, i live in Dallas alsmost 12 years, i will trade any place just to be there, many times she cook delisious food for me whe i grew up, even in David that is so dificult for her to get the real ingridients to make her mexican plates , is and honor to see her so happy and cooking like she always does, offcourse i miss the birds to and the parrots,
    Thanks a lot Don Ray for taking your time to come to your little piece off mexico in David Chiriqui
    Bruce Arroyo

  2. Irma.
    Gracias por dejar un comentario.

    Bruce. Thanks for dropping into Chiriqui Chatter and taking the time to leave a comment. I assure you, it was my pleasure getting to eat your mom’s food. I do have to tell you that I miss my Dallas Texmex. Casita Domingez, Graciolas, Ojedas to name a few.

  3. Congratulation Don Ray for your website and the articles It has.
    I liked the Martha´s restauran article. It is very good, interesting, concrete and with excellent pictures.
    Thank you for that!!!!
    Congratulation Martita for your restaurant.
    Im very happy for you!!!!
    Your food is the best mexican food.
    Your hospitality is one example of how mexican people are. 🙂
    Your place is the best mexican style in Chiriqui.
    I wish you the best!!!!!


  5. Para pasar un rato agradable y delicioso lo recomiendo muchisisimo… no solo por su gran calidad en sus platillos si no por su buen servicio y hospitalidad.
    muchas felicidades a sus dueños y que sigan asi pues les espera un gran exito

  6. Don, thanks alot for finding Martha’s mexican special food!!!! I am her niece, and number one fan, I

  7. SORRY,My comment got uploaded before I finish, Martha, hechale ganas!!! felicidades,and we are proud of you…., (very), de ver las fotos ya me dio hambre!!!!!

  8. Hi Bego. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Your aunt’s food is very good. I am enjoying going there on Friday evenings.

  9. Hi Don:

    We are hoping to go there tonight! Can you tell me from Rey supermarket, am I heading towards Boquete, or is it past Super Baru and towards downtown? Thanks, Sean in Volcan.

  10. Hi Don! I have 2 questions for you…I am so happy to hear there is a great place for authentic mexican food! I just found your site and have been coming to Panama for a year now. We have a place in Puerto Armuelles, so it’s quite a ride to David, but we will make it eventually. Do you think Martha’s is still open on Friday evenings? The last post I saw for her place was in Sept. Also, I had read about a mexican restauraunt in David near the bus station from an ’06 guide book (probably Fodor’s). It had a great review. Do you know if it is still there?…as we are going to David on Mon. Please let me know.
    🙂 Mitzie

  11. I think Martha’s is still open. Someone had told me they were now open for lunch on Friday’s. but I have been there in a while, so I can’t confirm that. I am not aware of any place I would go to close to the bus terminal.

    Mrs. Mendozas has opened off the InterAmerican Highway. I was dissapointed in the tacos, but have liked everything else there I have tried.

  12. Alguien que me de la direccion en Espanol, u otra referencia, voy para David y no me ubico, me gustaria ir alli.

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