Daily Archives: June 28, 2009

Martha’s Mexican Restaurant

My neighborhood is becoming a location for dining out within walking distance from where I live. Friday nights from 6:00 PM until 10 – 10:30, you can have a great time eating Mexican food. The menu is different every Friday. That should keep me coming back for some time.

To get to the restaurant, you turn onto the road in front of the El Rey super market from the InterAmerican highway. Then turn right at the third intersection. On the next corner (on the right) is a very nice house and the patio is where this delightful food is served.

Typical for me, I arrived early. I didn’t want to take a chance on any of the items on the menu might be missing.

The patio makes a peaceful setting to enjoy a good meal. Here is a photo of the area. The lady on the right is Martha, the lady who is sharing her beautiful house and food with you.

Here is a photo of an atrium area that also has a table you may use. The running fountain created soothing sounds to assist you in relaxing. Continue reading Martha’s Mexican Restaurant

Another Optical Option

I really had a great time at the Vision 20/20 inauguration the other evening. I even got to meet another Eye doctor that might be a consideration for those living in Bugaba or toward the Frontera or up in the Volcan area and don’t want to drive to David.

I spent a fair amount of time talking with Dra. Iris Alba who works in Optica Sosa y Arango, S.A. in the Bugaba office. She is a very charming young lady and has the personality to know how to handle patients. Let me introduce you to Dra. Iris.

While I am convinced that moving my business to Vision 20/20 is right for me, this might be worth considering for those that prefer not coming into David.

Here is Dra. Iris’ business card. Continue reading Another Optical Option