Vision 20/20 Inauguration

NOTE: Vision 20/20 is now Opticas Metro and it’s current location can be found in THIS POST.

I was fortunate to be invited to the inauguration of Vision 20/20 , which was held yesterday evening. I say I felt fortunate, because the attendees were only friends and family. I was most happy to be included.

The shop had been festively setup with an outstanding set of hors d’oeuvres , and plenty of wine and soda. You will also see a lot of flowers from well wishers.

I was made aware of this new optical shop by Carla, who has been a friend since late 2004. This is a secret, but she told me she is available and if I run into some very nice young man, to remember her. OK, Carla. I will keep my eyes open.

Here are Carla, Dra. Inés Chang and Yuliana. Shoot, it might be worth visiting the shop just to be in the midst of such beautiful women, but I am making this my Optical home because I believe it is the best equipped and has the best optician in David.

I originally used Optica Lopez. I became it’s client because of Dra. Sussan Staff. I had visited every optical store in David and she was the only doctor that was willing to listen to what I wanted and to not push me toward the higher priced items that they thought gringos could afford.

When Sussan moved to Panama City, I still went to her for my checkups. Now that she has moved to Costa Rica, I knew I needed to find another doctor. Fortunately for me, Dra. Sussan is a good friend of Dra. Inés and has given me two thumbs up on her professional capability.

The evening began with a blessing for the opening of the store.

This was followed by a cutting of the ribbon signifying that the store is now officially open.

Here are a few photos of the attendees of the opening waiting for the food line to open.

The food line opened up and everyone filled their plates. I tried to take a little of everything. Fantastic! All of the food was prepared by Yazmin, from Panderia Delicias Monguel.

I had a great time. I got to visit with Ing. Ricardo Campaña, who is the engineer that the shop uses for all of its computer equipment and Internet setup. Is there anything better than a little technical discussion to make for a great evening.

I also met a young man from one of the local Radio stations and plan on going by for a tour one of these days. Great evening. Lots of new friends. Fantastic food. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

11 thoughts on “Vision 20/20 Inauguration

  1. I agree, might just have to get my eye’s checked and a new pair of glasses the next time we visit David.

  2. Hi Don

    Is a pleasure meet you personally.

    When ever you want we can take a coffee and talk about computers and technology… is a passion to me!

  3. Hi Don!
    Hope you are doing well! I´m very happy that you and Lilliam could attend the inauguration last night. Last night my dreams comes true! Wishing that you can be with us in many other times!

  4. Everything looked wonderful! Congratulations to Dra. Ines and my best wishes! Don, nice pictures, as always!

  5. Congratulations! in this business Dr Ines, my best wishes for you and your staff! God Bless you
    Hi Mr Don very nice pictures! My best Regards to you and Lilliam.

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