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Cabanas Reis in Volcan

I received the following email about Cabanas Reis in Volcan.

From……: paul

Hi Don…I have been visiting Chiriqui are past week and going back to the states tomorrow. I dont want to post any advertising, but I really think it will be a service to fellow travelers who plan to visit Volcan if you tell them about Cabanas Reis, Cabin Rentals motel, on the left as you enter town next to Dalys restaurant. This is a great place to stay at a terrific price..$27 a day for single room (queen bed) with internet and cable tv, coffee in room, hot water, big shower, very nice clean rooms. I was given a coffee maker with filters for my room, even a wine cork remover when I brought back a bottle of wine from the store. The owner is Marisel and she speaks good english. Her phone is 507-771-4025….No question this is the best place to stay at Volcan..you can see pics at… http://www.yourpanama.com/volcan-cabin-rentals.html ….hope this can be of some help to future travelers…..Paul

Amigos de la Música Coral

I received the following announcement from Antonio Singh pertaining to the Amigos de la Música Coral, which I have heard. They performed in our church and I can’t recommend them high enough. This may be the best $2.00 you will have the opportunity to spend in a long time to come. If you can make it, don’t miss it.

HERE is the post I did, when they performed at out church. I have a few videos that will give you a taste of the up coming event.

Here is Antonio’s announcement. Continue reading Amigos de la Música Coral

Home is What You Make It

Living in Panama provides many of us the ability to commune with nature more easily that we did in the fast paced life we left to move her. I believe I have seen some climate change in the short six years I have spent here.

Maybe that is why this video I was sent affected me so much. I think it is worth watching and it will require an hour and a half of your time to sit down and watch it. It is extremely well done.

Here is a 2 ½ minute trailer.

Go HERE to watch the full version.

At the top of the window, you can select to see it in French, Spanish or German. I hope you will enjoy it.