Daily Archives: June 17, 2009

Need To Contact David Bawden

I just received a call from the US Embassy asking that either David Bawden or someone knowing David contact the US Embassy.

I was told he moved to David, Chiriquí in January 2009. It is thought that within the last week or so he was going to Panama City and that is the last his family has heard from him.

If you know the whereabouts of David Bawden, please contact me via the contact tab above or the US Embassy at Panama-ACS@state.gov or by phone at (507) 207-7030.

This will stay on the front page until the situation is resolved.

UPDATE June 22: I received the following message from the US Embassy closing the case..

Mr. Williams,

GOOD NEWS!  Mr. Bawden was located!  He has contacted one of his relatives in the U.S.A. Again, we appreciate all your efforts regarding this case!