Parque Jose Maria Roy

A new park for youngsters, between the ages of between 5 and 12, opens today. This is a park that David as well as Chiriquí as well as all of Panama should feel proud of. I am told that this is the only park of this type in all of Central America. A reader had told me about it and suggested that I go and take photos. Thanks to the reader for doing that.

This park is a couple blocks behind Iglesia del Carmen. This is on the street you take to Las Olas and you can’t miss it on the left side of the street across from Escuela Jose Maria Roy.

They were still working yesterday for today’s opening, so you will see no children and several workers and tools in some of the photos.

This sign from the Ministry of Education tells you that the park is designated for youngsters between the ages of 5 and 12.

This is in one play center in the corner of the park.

In this area a swing set is being set up.

This larger construction is in the center of the park.

Here is a closeup of the yellow sign you can barely see in the previous photo.

Here is a photo of the same large structure from the reverse side. The gray/tan item in the center of the photo is a climbing wall.

On the fence wall to the left of the entrance are the park’s security recommendations.

This is in another corner of the park. The gray/tan item in the left of the photo is a small climbing wall.

Here is a closeup of a small riding bee for the children to play on.

Here is a photo of the layout for the park that one of the workers shared with me. The entrance is directly over the “chat” of my photo watermark. To the left is the only area that has the most work to be complete and is a small baseball diamond. I didn’t take a photo of that area, because the area was not ready.

This is really an outstanding park and one that Panama, Chiriquí, and David can truly take pride in having. Now the challenge will be for the parents that bring their kids to the park, to leave the park in as good a condition as they found it.

14 thoughts on “Parque Jose Maria Roy

  1. That’s all very well for the ninos y ninas. What about the old farts? Where can we go to play now we are either already in or entering our second ninohood?

  2. We needed more of these in that town… i know where to take my kids when they visit their Abuelo

    cheers from Montreal

  3. Thanks for sharing that Don. This brings me such JOY as that is one of the things I felt my kids would be missing from the states when we move…they LOVE the park! Hooray for Panama, Chiriqui & David! Que bueno!

  4. Shawma Palma, formerly from the state of Florida, contact your friend Tracey! Would love to catch up and hear how the kids are doing and how they like the park. How is Panama??? Webmaster, you have my permission to email my address to the Shawna Palma who posted to this blog. Thank you.

  5. Thank you for trying! Maybe she’ll read the post and contact me. Gracias!

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