Koki’s Favorite Toys

Koki has become one of the family. She is a happy puppy and tends to make everyone happy that comes in contact with her. She is a bundle of energy and always on the go. House training is going pretty well, though she can still have an accident, if I don’t pay attention to her telling me she needs to go outside.

She loves her toys and here she is with her three favorites.

You can see that she loves a blue ball that is almost as big as she is, a door stopper and a rawhide bone. She plays with the ball almost like a cat would. She bats it and growls at it and eventually moves to the other toys. One can’t occupy her mind for too long a period of time.

What amazes me is she knows they are her toys and she takes them and puts them in her bed. The ball has small bumps on it and she must get one in her teeth to lift it into the bed. I will take them out and put them on the floor and when I check a little later, they will most likely be in the bed.

Another funny thing is that she collects the door stops. If she can pull it out from under a door, it will wind up in her bed. At one time she had four. I have told her she can have one, but to leave the others alone. Most of the time she remembers.

Sometimes I get to talk to Sofia (now living in Costa Rica) on messenger with a webcam and she always wants to see Koki. She thinks Koki is a living teddy bear (oso de peluche or just plain peluche).

Well, I need to close this post and put the door stops back where they belong. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Koki’s Favorite Toys

  1. What a cutie your little Koki is. You can try training her to a tinkling bell on the door to aid you in house breaking. Put a bell on a string or rope and hang it on your doorknob at a level Koki can reach. Whenever you take her outside to potty, gently rub her muzzle against the bell and tell her you are taking her outside to potty. She will soon associate the bell with going outside to potty and she will start to ring the bell herself.

    I had two toy poodles I trained in this manner and even when they were older and didn’t need to go out as frequently, they still tinkled the bell to let me know they had an urgent need to go out.

  2. Hi Billie. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Tinkle the bell when you need to tinkle. Cute.

    Koki is doing pretty good. She almost has me trained. When she wants to go outside, she comes and gets in front of me and barks. If I ignore her, she becomes more obnoxious and starts chewing on my foot which definitely gets my attention.

  3. It is amazing how quickly they capture our hearts and minds. I lost my German Shepherd last August to cancer and it really hurt.

    Just as I was contemplating getting a new dog (probably a chihuahua) I found out that my daughter and two granddaughters have a need to live with me for a while due to my daughter’s poor health. Since my oldest GD is asthmatic and extremely allergic to dogs, I have decides to make my 5 year old GD my new “puppy” instead. She doesn’t seem too happy with the idea of the collar and leash training but the idea of treats really got her interest!

  4. Hi Billie. If you want a dog that will not cause allergy problems, I can recommend two. I have had multiple poodles and they are an excellent choice. The grooming is what turns some people off because without clipping, you can’t imagine the amount of hair they can get.

    The second is a Silky terrier. This is a wonderful little dog. Similar to the Yorkshire terrier, but a little larger and less yappy.

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