Kinda Bummed Out At The Moment

A friend brought me a new PC I had ordered from the US. It was a reconditioned Gateway. I have purchased a lot of refurbished equipment and never had a problem. My first problem with this PC was getting it up with Vista. Since it wasn’t new, it didn’t come with the restore disks, documentation or anything.

When I booted it the first time, it displayed a message saying it hadn’t completed the previous task correctly and to reboot. All boots, from now on, brought up the same message.

Yesterday, I called the Gateway support desk and after being on hold for 20 minutes tried to reinstall the system by using a hidden install partition. Unfortunately, the support attendant could not bring up the partition and he said I would have to send it back for replacement. Since I had checked out the PC with a live CD of Linux, I decide I would just go with Linux and forget Windows Vista.

With that decision, I went ahead and installed a second drive that I had bought for Linux and more memory. I did the Linux install and it came up with no problems. However, when I booted, the boot screen showed a Linux system and two Windows options. The first Windows option just got me back to the original problem. The second Windows option took me to the Window’s Vista Reinstall partition.

I tried the reinstall and it went without problem. Now I had a dual boot system running, but all systems required maintenance. I applied maintenance to all systems and all went well. To this point I was a happy camper. My Desk, however, was a mess. Two monitors and two keyboards and two mice. Then I decided it was time to try out my KVM, so I could control both PCs from a single KB, Mouse and a single monitor.

First I made sure that Windows recognized my wireless KB and mouse. It installed the required driver. Linux was happy. Now I powered the system down and hooked it up through the KVM. I first booted Windows and it came up fine. I was ready to declare success, but still needed to run Linux through the KVM. I told Windows to restart and selected Linux at the boot screen. Then the screen went black and the entire system was dead.

No lights on the front of the PC and no indication of power. I am hoping it is a bad power supply. I took the PC to Micro Technology to have them check the PS. I have used them several times with good results and trust their service desk. Unfortunately, they close at 1:00 PM on Saturdays, so they won’t be able to check anything until Monday, which brings me to my request. I want ever reader to think positive thoughts for the problem to reside in the power supply. If that is the problem it is a simple fix. If it is not, things become difficult.

Nothing is perfect. Somethings less so than others. I guess I needed a new challenge.

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  1. Don,
    Okay, with a positive thought, the problem is in the power supply. Best of Luck! Clyde

  2. Im no geek Don, but I think your first mistake was to get a Gateway PC..I hope you got a really good…I highly recommend Tiger wholesale & refurbished..even can buy parts or kits. Great prices, super service. I recently bought a new HP 8417 (media pc) AMD Phenom 3 core 2,10 GHZ ,4GB ram $379 plus $30 to ship..I saw the same set at Best Buy for $700..When I first set it up the wireless keybd was dead so I called customer service. They immediatley shipped a new Logitec & new mouse. Then I found a dead battery in the original HP keyboard..My lucky day..I am very happy with Tiger Direct. Kinda rare these days to actually feel happy with a purchase…BTW, they sell all electronics stuff from TVs to cell phones..Huge company in USA..course shipping to Panama is a unknown cost. Just thought I’d mention it………Paul

  3. I don’t agree with Paul. I once read that Compaq PCs had the highest rate of failures out of the box, with about 25% of new PCs failing! Whereas Gateway PCs had the lowest failure rate, something like 2% or 3%. Gateway has always been synonymous with quality and value in the PC world. And no, I don’t work for them, ha ha.

    I have heard of Tiger but never looked at it closely. I’ll check it out.

  4. Just thought you might like to know that your new PC rode in my Suburban from the airport to Las Cumbres where I dropped it and your friends off.

    I did NOT break it. It was probably the ride to David in a Ford that did it. 🙂

  5. I got a Tandy TRS-80 you can borrow till you get the Gateway fixed, but you need to return it when you are done with it. LOL

  6. Hi Gene. Thanks for the offer, but I still have PC capability here and I know you would suffer if the TRS-80 were out of your site. 🙂

  7. Vista is the likely culprit. It is without a doubt the WORST operating system that Microsoft has ever put out. Filled with problems, glitches, and incompatibilities.

  8. I recently bought a refurbished “E-Machine” by gateway with Vista installed. I didn’t like it at first but now it is doing great since It only cost 299 from Comp USA. It didn’t come with any software and that worries me.

  9. Don, here’s to hoping its the power supply. I think geeks like us need new computer challenges every once in a while. I just got a new voip ata this past week. While it was challenge to figure out, I learned some new stuff about voip which is always good.

    Power supply, power supply, power supply…

  10. Hi Mike. Thanks for the positive thoughts.

    Hi Bob. No, I am sure I have a hardware problem. I really had no problem with Vista after I got it running and updated, but obviously I didn’t get much experience with it.

  11. Don: hope you have luck with your Gateway. I purchased a Gateway at Pricesmart for around $1100. about 4 years ago and after one year the crt monitor died, the ‘a’ drive died (twice replaced), the internal fan died (and Gateway did not have the fan part, had to order it from only one site that had it). Oh, the mouse died also. I will never buy another name brand computer again, from now on it’s a genetic (also easier to get parts for).

  12. Hi Patrick. Time will tell. I just got it back from Micro Technology and the problem was solved. They just had to clean two sticks of memory. It only cost me $20 for them to find the problem and fix it. Can’t beat that with a stick.

    I am using my own KB and mouse and monitor (shared between two PCs). Drives are not manufactured by Gateway so I wouldn’t blame that on Gateway. The Video card in this PC is a standard ATI card. I did a lot of research on this PC before I bought it and I felt it got reasonable reviews. Since I only paid $749 for it, I couldn’t have touched it if I built it myself, which I have done with my last three PCs.

    The only other Name brand I have bought is a Mac Mini that I bought through eBay last year.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed with this one. It runs like a scalded ape.

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