Vision 20/20 Opens in David

NOTE: Vision 20/20 is now Opticas Metro and it’s current location can be found in THIS POST.

A new optical center has opened in David across the street from Daisy and the Cable Onda office and to the right of Centro 1-2-3.

I went there because I heard that Carla (previously with Optica Lopez) was working there. Carla has been a good friend of mine since 2005 and I am glad to see her doing what she does best, assisting people with their optical needs.

Here is a photo of the Vision 20/20 staff. Yuliana is on the left, Carla is on the right and Dra. Inés Chang is in the middle.

I was there about 30 minutes and was able to talk to the doctor. She speaks excellent English and I liked her professional attitude. I may have found a new eye center.

The shop is new and well organized. They are currently having a special on single vision glasses.

This is a photo of the examination room.

It is always good to have choices and I think this one will create a lot of competition for other optical shops in the city.

If you stop in the shop, tell Yuliana, Carla and Dra. Chang that you heard about them in Chiriquí Chatter.

16 thoughts on “Vision 20/20 Opens in David

  1. the doc is…do you know if they do lasic surgery? And cost of same? possibly I should get it done stateside before I make the permanent move. I was quoted 2400 at a clinic in Houston (or California)..I hate glasses. Always lose em or break em so I just get el cheapo magnifyers at the local store..Paul

  2. Hi Paul. Lasic surgery is only available in Panama City as far as I know. This clinic and other clinics in David do glasses and contacts.

  3. Carla is working on her English, but the doctor speaks perfect English. I am almost certain they work with progressive lenses. Give the doctor a call and I am sure she can help you. I will give your blog a look after I get done with some software upgrades.

  4. Well-they changed the name and I am trying to reach them as their phone number has been going to fax this week. I am in Bocas del Toro. Can someone go by and tell them to take their phone off fax:)? They are across the street from the Daisy Store/

  5. Kelly, their phone has been going to fax this week because yesterday and today are holidays. They may be working this afternoon, but I don’t know that. I am sure that if they are in the office they will answer the phone.

    I sent Dr. Ines an email telling her of your comment.

  6. Quisiera saber si la clinica de uds. atienden operaciones de los ojos tambie,mi hermano vive en boquete y tiene diabetes ,el me dijo en el telefono que para mirar o leer algo tiene que usar una lupa y yo creo que el necesita una limpieza atras de los ojos ,donde se acumulanbolsitas de de pus y que tienen que quemarse con el lazer antes que llegue a iris entonces se puede volver ciego,,si uds no lo hacen me podria ayudar con algun dr.un telefono algo donde yo me pueda comunicar y tratar de ayudarlo,le quedo muy agradecida… gracias Olinda Moore

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