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Reader Wants English Speaking GP Recommendation

I received the following request for information.

From……: Mary

Don, we are looking for a family doctor in David who speaks English. Do you have any recommendations? Or do you think your readers would? I see in the archives several specialists, but no gp….

When I need to go to the doctor for a cold or other general maladies, I usually just go to Hospital Corporativo. The doctor visit will cost $5.00, but does require a modicum of Spanish.

For more than a minor health care need , I typically go to a specialist.

What To Do In Case Of An American Citizen’s Death in Panama

I received the following from a reader of Chiriquí Chatter.

Hi Don Ray,

This might save some people some time and grief if they know beforehand. Since I am an American living in a foreign land I thought it would be best for me to make my final arrangements in order not to be a burden on my family. I have no idea if I have one day left or 15-20 years.

This is what I have learned about the paperwork.

The next of kin or agent needs to take the Death Certificate to the Registro Publico located in Tribunal Electoral office which is located next door to Dollar 123 in downtown David. They need to register it and request how many copies they think they will need.

They will then have to go to the Consulate in Panama City. They will need the following..

A. Their passport for ID purposes
B. The deceased’s passport. The State Dept. will punch holes in it to void it.
C..Death certificate.
D. Document “Death of an American Citizen Abroad”. This is form DS-2060.
E. If an agent, a copy of a notarized authorization to act as agent.

If you blog this just say you got this from a reader. Maybe the ACS can email you a copy of the form. The form ask for SS number, place of birth, and names of who gets the copies in the USA. It has a check marks for terminating government payments.

You might also tell those who go to the Consulate not to go to the end of the line. Go straight to the door and show the guard the passport. Those waiting in line are Panamanians who are trying to get a Visa. Also if they take a backpack it will slow things up because the guards will have to search it.

El Parqueo Bar Y Restaurante In Rio Claro, Costa Rica

Our trip to Costa Rica was pretty uneventful. We went to visit family in Rio Claro and it is not one of the most exciting places in Costa Rica to visit. The only real eventful moment was eating in El Parqueo Bar Y Restaurante.

We stopped in to get a couple ice cream sundaes and when we went to pay we gave a 10,000 Colon bill + coins. When the change came, it was change for a 5,000 Colon. We told the waitress that we had given a 10,000 and she went back to the cashier and returned with a 5,000 and coins saying that was what the casher said he was given.

We knew different because we only had bills of 10,000 and this was just the old scam of giving change for a smaller bill. It is not all that unusual for a gringo to receive this sort of treatment, but it is still unfortunate that businesses feel they need to lie and steal to make ends meet.

Since they obviously need publicity, I decided to give them some. If you happen to be in Rio Claro and need to eat, my recommendation is to tell the waitress, when you give them the payment, the denomination of the money you are giving them. That will discourage thievery by the cashier and or waitress. At the current exchange rate of 581 colons per dollar, 5,000 colons comes out to be about $8.60.