David Suzuki Dealer

UPDATE: This dealership is closed.

Suzuki has a new dealership in David. Distribuidora David used to service Suzuki, but gave up their relationship with Suzuki.

The dealership is located on the road to Boquete, a few blocks from the Honda Dealership.

Here is the photo of the complete center. Auto Servicos de Chiriquí performs the service.

If you drop by the Suzuki dealer, tell them you learned about them on Chiriqui Chatter.

5 thoughts on “David Suzuki Dealer

  1. Sorry about that Don,
    I maybe mistaken alittle bit. Different shop I suppose. Carlos used to own the service center on the left right before you hit the intersection of Inter American Highway in David.

  2. is the same shop owned by carlos saldaña. he runs the suzuki dealership in chiriqui since march 2009

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