Koki’s First Visit To The Vet

Yesterday, Koki got to learn what it is like to get medical attention. I first went to Dr. Gomez’s office, but he was not going to be in David until next week.

A good friend had told me that she used Dr. Batista, so I decided to give him a try. He is close to the other Doctor and it is always good to know two good vets. If you are on the street in front of Dr. Gomez’s Office, with the office on the left, make a right at the corner and a left at the next corner. Now toward the end of the block, you will find the office on the left. Here is a photo of the building. GOOGLE MAP

Here is a larger photo of the sign on the roof.

Koki behaved very well. She was not sure she liked the thermometer in her behind. Here is a photo of her just after the thermometer was removed. She was definitely looking to see what was happening. She made no sound when she received her first inoculation.

I did ask Dr. Batista what he thought the breed mix was and he said his guess would be a peekapoo. When he learned that she came from Volcan, he seemed more convinced that would be the true.

I thought the visit was handled very professionally. The office and examination rooms were very clean. Everyone that I talked to was very professional and pet friendly. This will be Koki’s personal Doctor.

Here is a photo of Dr. Batista on the left with the rest of the staff in the office.

The office has pet supplies and food. They also take care of bathing, dog haircuts, nail clipping, etc. The office is open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM until 5:30 PM. The clinic phone number is 730-3329 and the emergency number is 6780-5804. If you visit the clinic, tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

13 thoughts on “Koki’s First Visit To The Vet

  1. We had were not satisfied with the vet. we had been using & went to Dr. Bastista to get a cut on our oldest dog stitched up. He did a very good job & was very good with our old girl. We will go back to Dr Jose next time we have a problem. He is a knowledgeable professions with an excellent staff.

  2. We have 3 Boxers, and have been visiting Dr Batista for many years. Would highly recommend him and his staff. Very Caring and professional.



    P.S. I currently have boxer puppies looking for new homes. If anyone is interested please contact me 720 1593

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