Koki Reincarnated

Let me introduce you to Koki 2. If you remember, Koki 1 was a love bird that flew the coop. I have decided that Koki has returned in the form of a puppy. This is the special little puppy that pulled on the heart strings until I was forced to bring her home with me from Restaurante Polineth in Volcan.

She is a mere 2 ½ pounds and I am convinced that ½ of that weight she excretes throughout the day. She is a real charmer and has been a great addition to my exercise program. I am not sure what the breed mix is, but she has a slight appearance of Pekingese. What ever she is, she is one loved puppy.

14 thoughts on “Koki Reincarnated

  1. Good Morning!,
    She’s beautiful and one very lucky puppy! Koki 2 will keep you lots of company. Have a good day.


  2. dear don ray,

    she has such a sweet face the bell looks almost as big as she is!

    she will keep you busy! good luck keep her pics coming.

    thank you. ellen

  3. Hi Don,

    I’d really recommend taking your Koki 2 up to the puppy classes at Kris Berg’s in Alto Boquete. Starting them out right from the beginning can make a big difference. Kris has been a friend of mine for 16 years and does a great job of training. I hope you enjoy her.

    Susan from Volcan

  4. Hi Ellen and Susan. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Would love to take the class. It is the $8.00 a day for gas to Boquete I wouldn’t like. 🙂

  5. Welcome to the dog club. We have several protecting our property, entertaining us and getting in the way all at the same time.
    Don’t worry about training Koki will have you trained pretty quick.

  6. Hi Ray. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. She is going to require a little bit more training. However, she appears pretty smart and I think she will do ok.

  7. Hi Don and fellow readers,

    Koki 2 is beautiful! Do any of you know why some people attach a red bow, or something red to a beautiful animal, person or even to a plant? Enjoy your pet!

  8. Well, in some instances, the use of a red ribbon is a superstition that consists on trying to “minimize” the effect of the “strong sight” of some people who are supposed to cause harm to another human being or animal, flower, or tree that they find beautiful. The verb is “ojear” (from the Spanish ojo=eye). So “Yo ojeo, tú ojeas, el /ella ojea”.

    I have never believed in it, but just pay attention ( and, if possible, take a picture!) of a beautiful plant or animal with something red on it.

    Let´s leave it that way. I promise to explain the issue of “ojear a baby, or even an adult” for another comment… hahaha

  9. Hi AS. Now that you mention that, I have heard it before from a good friend of mine. He said this is done a lot woth new borns. The ribbon we had on was for looks, but Kiki didn’t like it. She would walk and the bell would ring and she would stop. It was confusing her.

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